What’s In A Number?

What’s In A Number?

Two years ago today was jersey day at school.

I very seldom participate in these types of theme days.

I’m a suit guy, that’s what I wear to school every day.

Two years ago I decided to change things up.

I have so many fond memories of donning the Purple and White

What’s in a number?

So I wore #2 my entire career, because it was my brother’s number.

Mark, my brother also wore #11 because it was Mike Eagles number for awhile.

It was a childhood dream to play for the Purple Knights due in large part to Dale Turner.

When I finally arrived at MHS Eugene Brydges who also wore #2 his entire career to that point wanted the number, I still remember being upset at the thought of wearing another number so we flipped for it, and I lost!

Lucky #7 would be my new number for the next three years.

Gener changed his mind and opted for 27 in Gr 11 #2 was available then!

Being ultra superstitious I didn’t want to change my number.

Fast-Forward 7 yrs I’m a rookie Asst. Coach for the Knights, another dream come true and we are going through the equipment room and spot a few old jersey’s I frantically search for #7 and get to the bottom of pile and sure enough there’s #2.

I idolized my brother, his journey in the game unfortunately was one ruined by politics, he was always the last cut off teams due to the coaches son or other connections like that. I always say that my brother was ten times the player I was, so every time I stepped on the ice I was playing for him in a way.

There’s always a story behind a number.

The story only gets better from that point. Former Purple Knight Ryan Dawson saw this originally posted on Facebook.

He reached out to me via DM right away.

This is what I wrote back then;

“About two months ago we had a jersey day here at school and I told a story about my number during my playing days at MHS.

Ryan Dawson reached out right away saying he had the #7 jersey and wanted it to give it to me.”

“Thanks so much Ryan for your generosity and thoughtfulness, it really means a lot.”

What’s in a number?

History, tradition, superstition, but most of all a story.

#OnceaKnightAlwaysaKnight #PurpleKnight #PurpleandWhite #PurplePride

What number did you wear and why?

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