The Path To Stardom

The path to stardom is different for every highly touted player.

From the elite, to the player that has to work every inch of the way.

The path to stardom can be forged in many different ways, however it always takes time.

The Moncton Wildcats certainly have had their share of stars over the years.

The next up and coming Wildcat star is Yoan Loshing.

Wildcat faithful will remember November 10, 2020 for a long time. The night that Yoan Loshing found the back of the net for the first time in his QMJHL career.

Actually that might become a trivia question in a few years time especially when Loshing is tearing up the Q at 18 and 19.

The diminutive speedy elusive forward may not have massive point totals right now as a rookie, but it’s bound to happen given his skill and compete level.

Loshing hasn’t burst on the scene like Jakob Pelletier or Zachary L’Heureux, but the pride of Ste-Catherine, Quebec has been dynamic in his own way.

One has to look beyond the score sheet to truly project Loshing’s full potential.

Loshing’s speed, creativity and puck skills are certainly the first aspect of his game that jump off the page.

His compete level and willingness to go to the dirty areas of the ice is another indication of future success at the junior level and beyond.

Loshing’s most lethal weapon of all is definitely his shot.

The 5’9 highly skilled gritty winger can simply rip the puck.

Loshing’s release is very similar to that of former Wildcat star Jeremy McKenna.

For a matter of fact Loshing’s shot might very well be heavier than McKenna’s was at the same age.

Dynamic speed, pro release, creativity, exceptional vision and play making ability, while possessing a willingness to mix it up physically, Yoan Loshing really can do it all. Nevertheless, like any young star patience is the key.

Eleven games into his QMJHL career Yoan Loshing has all the makings of a star, but it’s the intangibles that he brings to the game that sets him apart.

I realize everyone in the hockey world likes comparisons.

Sometimes comparisons are harsh, uncalled for, unfair and over the top. Nevertheless, one NHL comparable that certainly isn’t a stretch for Loshing is Martin St Louis.

Loshing’s ability to find and create time and space for himself and his line mates, while possessing breakaway speed and a deadly accurate shot definitely draws similarities between that of the former Tampa Lightning star.

St Louis was always known for his exceptional puck skills, accurate shot, vision, creativity in open ice, relentless compete level and willingness to do just about anything to win.

That sound familiar?

Loshing definitely possesses a similar skill set and unwavering fiery passion for the game.

Yoan Loshing isn’t Jakob Pelletier or Zachary L’Heureux.

Yoan Loshing is forging his own unique path in the QMJHL.

Time will certainly tell where Loshing will go, but it’s clear he’s on a path to stardom.

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