The Unsung Heroes of the QMJHL

Communication specialist, creative insight, a sense of humour, an expert in the area of gifs and memes , a writer, a promoter, a broadcaster and a background in sales. Do you have what it takes to be a social media, communications and sales director for a major junior hockey team?

Trust me only very few do, and when teams find a good one they never let them go.

All the people behind the scenes of each and every team across the QMJHL do exceptional work promoting the game and their franchise’s brand.

In many ways the social media coordinator promotes the essence of the franchise while constantly shining a spotlight on the league and cultural values of their organizations.

Obviously there’s always lighter moments of job and the occasional jab or shot across the bow to spur on a rivalry, but when important or serious information needs to be communicated to the masses and loyal fans, the kind thoughtful and heartfelt side of their expertise truly takes centre stage.

The fraternity of social media coordinators across the Q is as ultra competitive as you would expect, but at the same time it’s incredibly close knit and supportive.

The various women and men behind the scenes of every social media platform imaginable for their teams are as undervalued as they come.

Let’s face it, being a social media coordinator and endlessly working behind the scenes can be a pretty thankless job at times, but at the same time incredibly rewarding when everything goes to plan.

Every single one of them make a very difficult job look easy.

You see social media is only one aspect of a plethora of responsibilities for these amazingly talented hard working professionals.

We haven’t even mentioned game days yet.

They are a complete right off for these brave and courageous souls.

These highly creative experts somehow always seem to pull it off without a hitch and when they do make a slight mistake they usually have seventeen other organizations step up to let them know.

Their adoring fans can turn pretty quickly as well when things aren’t going their way so you also have to add thick skin to the job requirements.

The entire hockey world needs to appreciate and value all the men and women that put in crazy hours behind the scenes growing the brand of their favourite teams and more importantly the game.

They need to be celebrated, they need to be applauded, but most of all they need to be recognized for the amazing job they do every single day.

They are truly the unsung heroes of the QMJHL.

Thank you for everything you do promoting your team, your cities and the QMJHL, but most importantly junior hockey across our region and country.

This one is for you! Thanks for what you do! You’re the unsung heroes of the QMJHL.

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