Alex Drover’s Resurgence Shouldn’t Come As A Surprise

Alex Drover’s Resurgence Shouldn’t Come As A Surprise

There’s nothing like a great comeback story.

There’s nothing like a player finding and hitting their stride.

There’s nothing like a player finding their confidence and finally getting an opportunity to excel.

There’s nothing like a player reestablishing themselves in a league they were destined to star in.

That’s what makes Alex Drover’s resurgence so special.

You see for the first time in his QMJHL career Drover is living up to high expectations, but for the first time in his major junior career he’s been given the opportunity to show what he can really do.

Sure some might argue that he’s seen the ice before a multitude of times, but this year is different.

Alex Drover is buzzing, he’s engaged and driven.

Drover is making things happen every time he steps on the ice for Greg Gilbert’s highly touted Sea Dogs.

Drover burst on the scene in his draft year and turned in a dominant performance.

The well spoken uber confident scoring forward surprised at the 2018 QMJHL Draft vaulting up the draft board and being selected by the Cape Breton Screaming Eagles in the first round.

Everything looked like it was going to plan.

Nevertheless, Drover find himself on a very deep squad getting very little playing time and opportunity.

It became apparent very quickly that the highly touted forward was caught up in a numbers game.

By the opening of the trade period that season, Drover was on the move to the rebuilding Saint John Sea Dogs.

Would he finally get a chance to play and showcase his offensive talent and instincts?

No, not really!

The Dogs were at their quota of sixteen year old’s, actually they were over that quota, but that’s another story.

Drover accepted his fate.

He would only be able to play a limited number of games as an affiliate player for the Dogs.

He tore up the Maritime Hockey League averaging over a point a game and looked solid in a limited role with the Dogs that first year.

All eyes were on the speedy relentless forward a season ago, but things quickly spiralled downward.

The seemingly invincible galvanized confidence level that we all grew accustomed to and admired was showing signs of vulnerability.

Drover saw his time on ice plummet as well as his project role in the Dogs top six diminish.

Drover was buried on the fourth line in a checking role.

The fun loving charismatic kid with an unwavering love for the game recorded only 9 points in 59 games.

There was a strong sense that Drover was once again on the trading block. Unconfirmed reports suggest Trevor Georgie was fielding multiple calls about Drover ahead of this June’s draft.

Confronted with the unknown Alex Drover rededicated himself and worked extremely hard during the extended off season not only to regain the confidence he had lost by lack of opportunity, but to prove he could be a key contributor in the league.

There’s no question Alex Drover is playing inspired hockey.

You can see it every time he steps on the ice.

The highly skilled deep Saint John Sea Dogs may not being putting up “W’s” right now, but they are playing a solid team game and growing accustomed to Gilbert’s systems.

Drover’s time on ice is skyrocketing and he’s playing in every situation.

Drover’s resurgence shouldn’t come as a surprise. He is one of the most intrinsically motivated and driven players in the entire QMJHL.

He has a natural ability and knack at finding the back of the net and will do just about anything to help his team have success.

As they say “things happen for a reason.”

The adversity that has confronted Drover over the last few seasons has only made him stronger.

The once outspoken tremendously confident rookie, now does all of his talking on the ice. A matter of fact he leaves everything on the ice, which makes him a very lethal offensive threat.

It’s time to take notice, Alex Drover is back and the best is yet to come.

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