A Star In the Making

Everyone tells tales and spins yarns about the first time they watched a future star.

Those stories simply have a life of their own.

Nevertheless, who’s the next star currently playing in the QMJHL?

Sure there’s amazing NHL Draft Prospects, but who’s the diamond in the rough?

Who’s the kid that might not get drafted, but will flat out dominate at 19?

Who’s the player that hasn’t played two consecutive years of hockey at the same level until this season?

Who’s the kid that’s on no one’s radar right now because, “oh well, he doesn’t put up big numbers or isn’t flashy.”

The player that no one is talking about, that will be a dominant two-way force when he is nineteen years of age, is none other than Cape Breton Eagles sophomore center Connor Trenholm.

Photo Credit John P Donovan

I’m sure you are familiar with Trenholm’s story, if not, give the article below a read.

You see this kid lives and breathes hockey.

He’s a student of the game, he flat out can’t get enough of it.

It’s in his soul.

Connor Trenholm is the type of kid that you might as well give the key to rink to, because you know damn well he’s going to be there as much as he possibly can.

Simply put, Connor Trenholm is driven, he’s relentless in his pursuit of his hockey dreams.

I can’t think of another player in the QMJHL that wants it more than the well spoken mature seventeen year old from Cole Harbour.

There’s an unparalleled competitive fire that burns inside of Trenholm that very few appreciate or can see.

For the first time since Novice, Trenholm will play at the same level of hockey for two years in a row.

Just think about that for a minute.

Trenholm has missed every key developmental stage throughout his journey in the game.

In a way the highly skilled two-way center has been playing catch up all the way through, obviously not by design, but by necessity.

Every step of the way Trenholm has found a way to play at the highest level possible.

His precautionary health related hiatus from the game, not only fuelled the fire and passion, but it provided perspective and resiliency.

You know what makes Connor Trenholm a star in the making?

It’s his character, his skill, his resiliency and above all else his willingness to do whatever it takes to get better every single day.

Every time he laces them up, it means something.

Every single time he laces them up it means he’s grateful to play the game he loves.

You see playing the game of hockey is truly a gift, considering all the adversity he has faced.

“Connor’s progression with the Eagles is marked with value added to his game,” said Eagles Head Coach Jake Grimes.

“Connor is bigger, stronger, faster and even more aggressive physically.”

“His puck skills and shot selection are also up,” explained Grimes.

Photo Credit Cape Breton Eagles

“Connor’s intensity and team play remain high as usual,” Grimes added.

“Connor uses every minute of practice and video sessions to add to his game.”

“He is motivated and determined.”

Grimes high praise doesn’t end there for his sophomore center. 

“Connor is currently centering our second line between 19 year olds Liam Kidney and Emile Haggerty-Aubin.”

That line competes and connects well, I like that line,” Grimes said proudly. 

Trenholm isn’t the flashiest of players, he certainly doesn’t jump off the page or does he?

He might not appear on the score sheet every night and quite often his style of play goes unnoticed, underrated and unappreciated.

Connor Trenholm is an honest player that takes great pride in playing the game the right way. Trenholm is a defensively responsible and accountable player that takes great satisfaction in making all the right plays in all three zones.

Honest players” usually fly under the radar, they don’t make the flashy play, they are consistent and can play in any situation and most importantly can play up and down the line up.   

The “honest player” doesn’t take shortcuts to pucks.

With speed and skill emphasized as the new formula of winning in today’s game an element of flashiness draws the collective eyes of scouts and organizations, but deep down they all understand the value and importance of the honest player.   

There’s no question Trenholm is unheralded and underrated as a player. Honest players seemingly never get the spotlight and are always under valued by those analytic types solely focused on the stat sheet.    

The complete “200 ft” game style of player is a wanted commodity in this day and age.

That’s what makes Connor Trenholm’s progression so special.

Trenholm’s offensive numbers might not be comparable to other players in the QMJHL, but that will soon all change.

By the time Connor Trenholm is 19 years old he will be a prototype of current teammate Shawn Element.

Element is one of the most complete two-way players in the entire QMJHL and arguably the CHL.

The hockey world tries to label certain players or project them, but when it comes to diamonds in the rough, no one wants to go there.

Trust me, Connor Trenholm is a star in the making.

He possesses all the tools, the intangibles and mindset it takes to excel in the game of hockey and life.

Everyone tells tales and spins yarns about the first time they watched a future star.

Keep watching Connor Trenholm, because you will be telling some stories soon enough.

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