Salerno’s Impact Transcends the Game

Every basketball coach wants to have the final time out, to talk things over, to leave their mark on the game.

When everything is on the line, great coaches always have the trust of their players.

Great coaches always have the answer.

The City of Moncton and its loyal tight knit basketball community have more questions than the answers after yesterday’s shocking news that the 2019 National Basketball League of Canada Champion Moncton Magic have chose not to sign Joe Salerno to a new contract.

Over the past three years Joe Salerno took professional basketball in this city to an entirely different level.

There’s no question Salerno has paid his dues when it comes to the game he loves.

The pride of Barre, Vermont has certainly earned a shot at a high-profile coaching job in professional basketball.

One would assume the long-time coach would be a hot commodity on the open market given his track record in the world of basketball.

Salerno is coming off two extremely successful seasons in the NBL of Canada which makes yesterday’s news even more confusing.

From head coach to architect Joe Salerno has done it all during his time in Moncton.

Salerno’s ability to project talent and build a team from the ground up is incredibly noteworthy.

It’s one thing to build the team, it’s another to be able to push all the right buttons and get the most out of each player while identifying unique roles for them within the group so they can flourish.

Salerno mastered both roles during his time in the Hub City.

Salerno’s track record for building an ultra-competitive winning culture as a coach truly speaks for itself.

The fiery passionate bench boss is one of the best in the business when it comes to reading defences and making in game changes. His ability to break down opponents in its own right should take him as far as he wants to go in the game.

There’s the architect, the coach, the husband, the father, but most importantly there’s Joe Salerno the person.

In many ways that’s most intriguing aspect of all.

Joe Salerno was born to coach the game of basketball, but that might be all put on hold now after the unthinkable news.

Joe Salerno’s character, class, dignity, personality, competitive spirit and demeanor is truly one of a kind.

He’s all heart and soul.

There are passionate coaches and people and then there’s Joe Salerno.

The City of Moncton, Magic fans and most importantly all of his former players know how brilliant of a man and coach Joe Salerno really is.

You see that’s why it’s going to be extremely difficult not seeing Salerno passionately patrolling the sidelines of the Avenir Centre this season.

Salerno’s future in the game is unclear.

Nevertheless, there’s no question that the three-time NBL of Canada Coach of the Year and winningest coach in league history deserves another shot to build and lead a team.

Joe Salerno’s statement which he released yesterday was an incredibly powerful and heartfelt message which further revealed his deep-rooted passion for the game, his love for his family and the relationships he has forged with players and everyone involved in the game.

Joe Salerno deserves another shot. He deserves to be in control of his destiny. He’s earned the right to make the final call.

Joe Salerno was born to the coach the game of basketball.

Let’s hope it’s not a matter of when, but where for Salerno and his family to resume his coaching journey.

Joe Salerno’s impact on the City of Moncton, his players and the fans truly transcend the game.

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