It’s Time to Hit the Pause Button

I’ve learned a lot over the past sixteen months, but I still have a lot to learn. Writing has always been very therapeutic and relaxing for me. 

It was an amazing distraction over the past few months, but it’s time to hit the pause button. That doesn’t mean that I’m going to stop writing. 

It just means I need to some time away. Time revaluate and time to recharge.

The hours and hours that I have sat on my phone or in front of my computer have been very rewarding and I truly love showcasing athletes and all those involved in the game, but there are bigger things to think about and focus on right now.  

When I first started writing for FDS, I had a definite goal in mind. 

I wanted to go deeper. I wanted to showcase every side of the game. I wanted to put a spotlight on local sports coverage. 

I wanted to produce quality content on a daily basis. 

Personally, I wear a lot of hats in the game and wouldn’t change that for the world, but I need to hit the pause button. 

Writing is a passion, it’s not a full-time job. 

Over the past year and half, I have found myself at a crossroads several times wanting to step away and take a break.

That never happened, I always felt compelled to write something, to make sure the aforementioned spotlight was always left on. 

There are always phenomenal stories to write and I really want to write them all, but that’s just impossible.

I need to hit the pause button because I don’t want to become stagnant or too predictable with my writing. 

I want to make sure every feature means something. 

It’s been a running joke between my closest friends that I keep saying that I’m going to stop and take a break. Over the next few hours and days I would usually end up writing three or four more features.  

Those types of blitzes are unfortunately going to end for the time being. 

I’m afraid my passion for writing has become somewhat all consuming.

In all honesty the search for the story still intrigues me now more than ever and it will continue to fuel my passion for the writing, but it’s time to hit the pause button. 

It’s time to refocus and recharge. 

Thanks for all the support over the years, it means the world to me. 

One comment

  1. Thanks Craig for your work. Enjoy them all don’t love them all but read them all. 🤦🏼‍♂️ Always Lean. Take some time. Hope your wrong on your standings predictions this year . Ha . Enjoy.


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