Improvise, Adapt Overcome: QMJHL Franchises Have a Great Opportunity to Grow their Brands Amidst Unprecedented Times

With adversity comes opportunity.

Every QMJHL franchise have a great opportunity to grow their brand in the 2020-2021 season. It’s hard to believe, but it’s true.

With fans not being permitted in Quebec and a drastic reduction of fans allowed across the Maritimes due to COVID-19 restrictions, QMJHL teams will have a unique opportunity to showcase their hockey clubs online.

Photo Credit QMJHL

Every team in the Q have great radio play by play personalities that travel and have a very specialized and unique role with their respective teams.

We hear all the stories on radio, but now more than ever before we will potentially see them first hand from the people that know the players, coaches and team personnel better than anyone.

Radio play by play personalities for every Q team will now be the face of their franchises as well as the voice. Com’s staff for each franchise will be even more instrumental growing online content for their clubs to promote and showcase their brand. More now than ever before the need to self promote, gain traction and enhance traffic to the team’s various social media platforms.

Teams could in fact provide a unique behind the scenes documentary style weekly show on their YouTube Channels that would not only promote up coming games, but give fans and the media alike an all access look at the franchise’s culture and showcase their brands.

The QMJHL and every franchise for that matter have done phenomenal job at growing their social media foot prints since the shocking end of the season and lead up the Q draft.

The business opts of every major junior franchise across the CHL will be faced with the daunting task to try to stay afloat amidst these uncertain and unprecedented times.

Innovation will be at the forefront of successful organizations willing to put the time, effort and money to grow their brands at this time.

It may even prove to be extremely beneficial moving forward on all fronts for every QMJHL organization.

With adversity comes opportunity.

The game we all love is about to return, get out and support local junior hockey in any way you can in your communities, they need now more than ever and subscribe to team’s YouTube channels, you won’t be disappointed.

Improvise, adapt and overcome will be the collective mantra of every QMJHL and CHL franchise for the 2020-2021 season.

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