The MHL Is Gaining Traction!

The Maritime Hockey League is the best kept secret around.

It’s hard to believe that a league as old as the Maritime Junior A circuit would be a secret, but it’s true.

Gone are the days of staged fights and or multiple tilts a game.

The brand of hockey that is being played in the MHL is truly remarkable and it’s only going to get better.

With all the uncertainty surrounding COVID-19 the MHL and it’s franchises have already attracted some high profile seventeen year olds that played abroad a season ago.

The league will be considerably stronger because of those circumstances and to be honest with you it’s great to see.

This is a massive win for the league, but also for the region.

Many Atlantic Canadian players wanting to keep their NCAA eligibility in tact chose to leave the region and apply their craft south of the border or out west.

There’s no question the MHL is and will become a viable option for players to remain close to home and still receive the intended and much desired exposure.

MHL Podcast Special on the Quick Shift Podcast

Year after year, the MHL continues to develop players at a torrid pace. 

Year after year, the brand of hockey and the caliber of players within the league continue to skyrocket.

The MHL is truly a hidden gem and will undoubtedly become a hotbed for high profile prospects and a jumping off point for the USports and the pro ranks in the years to come.

The MHL is highly underrated and unappreciated, but that is all set to change.

The 2020-2021 season is only the beginning.

The MHL is a league on the rise and it’s finally gaining the traction and exposure it deserves.

Get out and support local. Get out and watch the MHL, you won’t be disappointed.


  1. A great league with fast skating and good flow. Certainly a skaters league, similar to the BCHL. Faster then the SJHL and a lot less board work then in the AJHL. The league is well run and so are the teams. All teams seem to operate
    in a professional manner and leave the goon stuff to other lesser junior leagues. Watched many games, and enjoyed most as the teams are closely matched, at least 2019-20 season. Look forward to an even better season and league performance this year. A good developmental league for those who want an NCAA path.


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