B’s Better Flip the Switch vs Hurricanes

It’s déjà vu all over again for the Boston Bruins and the Carolina Hurricanes.

It’s a new year, hell its a new everything, but rest assured the Boston Bruins better damn well flip the switch or it’s going to be a very short series.

Speedy, effective forechecking teams have given the B’s fits all season long.

Obviously, everything has changed, but some tendencies still remain the same.

The Boston Bruins struggle when it comes to transition defence and their ability to provide back pressure against fast teams.

The Hurricanes transition game will undoubtedly cause the B’s fits.

The B’s will have to stick to their game plan and systems to neutralize the Hurricanes speed.

Photo Credit NHL.com

They will have to counter the Hurricanes speed game with a physical hard nose brand of play.

Bruce Cassidy’s club must bring all the intangibles it takes to win this time around vs the Hurricanes to ensure the series victory.

The Boston Bruins can’t get fancy or try to out finesse the skillful speedy Hurricanes.

The veteran Bruins squad have to play a full gritty team game and a balanced secondary scoring presence to defeat the upstart Hurricanes.

The B’s have to support the puck better coming out of their zone, capitalize on their odd man rushes, get shots on net rather than over passing and move the puck a lot quicker and more concisely on the power play if they want to win the series.

The Hurricanes are built to upset a superior opponent and that’s exactly what they will do if the B’s don’t flip the switch.

Obviously everyone talks about the Bruins veteran presence and playoff experience.

You can only go to the well so often, before it runs dry.

The B’s looked passive, uninterested and complacent during their round robin games.

Oh don’t worry “they will be ready to go” can only take you so far.

The B’s Stanley Cup window is gradually closing.

We are going to see what the Boston Bruins are really made of during these playoffs.

We are going to see who wants it more, who is willing to pay a price, who’s ready to flip the switch for the chance to hoist Lord Stanley.

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