#26 Moncton’s Forgotten Star: David Beauregard

The forgotten first star of Moncton’s first QMJHL team, David Beauregard deserves to be a lot higher on the “Top 25” list of all time greats who have played in the Hub City for “Wildcats.”

Obviously Beauregard never suited up for the Cats, but he sure as hell played QMJHL hockey in this city.

In the eyes of Wildcat fans, the Alpines may not have existed, but David Beauregard was their first star that truly put them on the map.

Beauregard lands at 26th on our list due to a formality, due to the fact that many people don’t consider the Alpines actually count as being part of the Wildcats organization.

To each their own, but you can’t overlook the impact that Beauregard had on the city and the fans that did support the team.

25th anniversary or 26th anniversary, David Beauregard has definitely earned the right to be mentioned on all time list even though he only played half a year in the Hub.

We all know the back story, of how the Moncton Wildcats were born, but we should never forget the organizations first star; David Beauregard.

The 1995-96 Moncton Alpines struggles as an expansion team are well documented, however one player used his time with the hockey club as a stepping-stone to a sixteen-year professional career.  

“I arrived in Moncton to prove to everyone and myself, that I could be a great offensive player, like I was before my accident,” said David Beauregard. 

Beauregard suffered an unimaginable eye injury the year before playing for the St. Hyacinthe Lasers of the QMJHL when arrant stick went under his visor and perforated his left eye.  

The Alpines claimed the young sniper off waivers from the Lasers and gave the Montreal, Quebec product a chance to play. 

“Lucien De Blois gave me all the confidence in the world to prove that I could still score with one eye, I had tons of ice time and was first in the league in goals by Christmas,” Beauregard said. 

Beauregard fondly remembers the city and the organization that gave him a second chance.  

“It was a great experience to play for a new team in New Brunswick, we didn’t have high expectations with a young team, but I enjoyed every day while I was in Moncton,” added Beauregard.

Photo Credit RDS

“We faced a lot of financial problems over the first four months and by the trade deadline the team sold me for cash to Hull,” explained Beauregard.

Cash transactions were quite commonplace in the QMJHL in those days. 

“I just hope I gave the fans some good times especially those who showed up for that first year in Moncton,” said Beauregard. 

“It was a difficult year for everyone, but I’m truly grateful to have been a part of the Alpines that first year.” 

The speedy left-winger was drafted the year before his accident by San Jose Sharks in the 11th round, 271st overall. 

Beauregard scored an amazing 34 goals and added 27 assists in only 41 games with Moncton, but undoubtedly left his mark on the city.

The forgotten first star of Moncton’s first QMJHL deserves to be recognized not only for his skill, but for his resiliency and perseverance.

The 25th anniversary of the Moncton Wildcats is upon us, but we should never forget the first year the QMJHL came to town with the organizations first star; David Beauregard.

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