A Pipeline to the Pro’s: USports Hockey Continues to be a Game Changer

It shouldn’t come as a surprise, but USports has become a tremendous pipeline to the pros.

Truth be told University hockey in this country has always been a pipeline to the pros.

The Canadian University ranks has a long history of producing some of the games greats.

It may be perceived as an unconventional path to the pros, but it’s the end result that truly matters.

From the major junior level to getting an education and playing the game they love at an extremely competitive level more and more players are using the USports route to prove their true value and place in the game.

There’s a real sense that if a pro contract doesn’t come a players way by twenty years old then the ship has sailed.

That couldn’t be farther than the truth.

Now more than ever pro scouts from all across the hockey world are tapping into USports hockey circles and are finding hidden gems.

Hidden gems or motivated and mature pro ready players?

Most USports players are high character players and people.

They have been leaders on their respective junior teams and active in the communities in which they played.

They understand that the option to play pro hockey will be there for them if and when they choose it to be, especially if they do all the right things on the ice.

The caliber of player of USports hockey rivals if not exceeds many minor pro levels.

If you have never watched Canadian University hockey you simply don’t understand how good the hockey really is.

It’s no secret that the prospects of having a shortened season or no season at all due to the horrific COVID-19 pandemic may have added to the perceived urgency of some players to sign now rather than completing their degree.

At the end of the day it all comes down to the player and the best fit.

The best fit for many hockey players these days is the USports route.

From an academic standpoint, to future career endeavours in their chosen fields, to professional hockey, the USports level continues to be an invaluable stepping stone for many young aspiring athletes.

The sky is the limit for USports hockey in this country.

Simply put it’s a game changer.

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