Five Maritime Officials Experiencing Life Inside the NHL Bubble

Five Maritime Officials are Inside the NHL Bubble:

The Maritimes have produced some the of best players in the world.

You can add referees to that list.

Jon McIsaac, Chris Lee, Jean Hebert, Gord Dwyer and Matt MacPherson are currently experiencing what life is like inside the NHL bubble.

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It’s unclear if and when that bubble might burst for the four Maritimers.

Officiating NHL playoff hockey is extremely competitive, but all four of these officials are members of that exclusive club.

It’s a massive accomplishment to make the cut and only select few are ever chosen for the Stanley Cup Finals.

Hockey dreams are never black and white, but this Maritime group of five all got there start in the game in same local associations as all of the us.

They all travelled up and down the roads in QMJHL and have worked tirelessly to get to this point in their careers.

Atlantic Canada always takes great pride in all of our NHLer’s, but it’s definitely time that we recognize the massive impact our Maritime born officials have had on the game locally and across the hockey world on its biggest and brightest stage.

From the Maritimes to the bright lights of the NHL these four official’s passion and love for the game is truly unparalleled.

For more information and stats on all four officials check out:

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