Danny Flynn’s Impact on the Game Should be Celebrated

Danny Flynn’s coaching numbers are staggering.

One has to look beyond all the numbers and stats to fully appreciate the impact Flynn has had on the game of hockey in this region and abroad.

The longtime coach and current Amateur Scout for the Columbus Blue Jackets deserves more recognition for what he has accomplished in the game.

If you have ever spent time with Danny Flynn you would know in a few seconds that’s certainly not his style.

For Flynn, it’s all about the team.

It’s all about taking care of all of those around the team and getting the best out of his players.

Flynn’s systems and tactical knowledge of the game is the stuff of legend.

Nevertheless, Danny Flynn has never craved the spotlight.

Behind the quiet, confident, soft spoken demeanour lives a passion and competitive fire second to none.

Flynn’s longevity and success in the game truly speaks for itself.

Look beyond all the numbers and championships, it’s always been about the people, it’s always been about the players and the team.

It’s time the hockey world in this region and especially in his home province recognizes Flynn’s incredible impact on the game.

It’s time for Danny Flynn to enter the Nova Scotia Sports Hall of Fame.


  1. One of the best ball hockey players ever, the Bobby Orr of the Dartmouth Lakers
    Great player and a great guy!


  2. I agree, Danny Flynn is worthy as a member of the Nova Scotia Sport Hall of Fame in the Builder category. But someone has to nominate him by sending in the information about Danny to the organization. That’s the way it works. As a member of the Selection Review Panel for the Hall the past 14 years I have never seen Danny’s name on the list of people nominated. So it’s up to friends to contact the Hall and find out the procedure on how to properly nominate Danny Flynn.


  3. Not much of a Hall of Fame if Danny Flynn is not in it. Defeated too many Halifax teams too often I guess.


  4. One of the most selfless and pleasant men in the game…..always took the time to talk to his players, and those who aspired to greatness in the game of hockey….highly deserved recognition!


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