What Does the “Atlantic Bubble” Mean for Hockey?

What Does the “Atlantic Bubble” Mean for Hockey?

Summer Development Camps and Hockey Programs have been operational for what seems like an eternity in Atlantic Canada.

Every player and their family have their preference, their favourite programs and hockey mentors.

To each their own, but the burning question remains what does the “Atlantic Bubble” (“AB”) mean for the game?

The “AB” means a lot to the game.

It means everything for kids that have been attending certain camps their entire playing careers.

With the all the uncertainty and stress surrounding the past months and with the abrupt end of the season, young players can finally have something to look froward to around the game.

Obviously, this summers programs aren’t going to look the same or feel the same for that matter, but it’s still going to bring some normalcy to the hockey world in this region.

The trust and relationships fostered during summer camps are extremely impactful.

Sure those relationships slightly fade during the season, but when you are looking at playing the game at a extremely high level it’s imperative that there’s progression made throughout the off season.

By no means should the game of hockey become specialized for players at a very young age, but there definitely comes a time for young players to dedicate a massive chunk of their lives to the game if they are serious in wanting to pursue it as a career.

The “AB” will definitely help young men and women develop and grow not only as players, but as people.

It takes a massive amount of self-confidence and maturity to live on your and train to achieve your personal goals, dreams and aspirations.

These young players learn how to navigate through life and the game that much better by experiencing these summer camps and programs.

Clearly it’s part of the process for every young player that’s driven to the play the game at an elite level, but the sacrifices made during the offseason especially this offseason will undoubtedly pay dividends whenever hockey returns.

With the “Atlantic Bubble”

set to open families can finally reconnect after months of uncertainty and isolation.

Obviously, this is bigger than the game, but for many young aspiring hockey players from this region the “Atlantic Bubble” means they can continue to fuel their passion for the game they love.

From a hockey perspective the “Atlantic Bubble” will undoubtedly help players from this region level the playing field and hopefully help them gain ground in their development and progression in the game.

Let’s continue to do all the right things in Atlantic Canada, let’s work together to continue to support each other during these uncertain times.

As for all the hockey players looking to improve, my message is quite simple.

Embrace every moment of your training.

Embrace the grind, get better every day, so when the game does returns you will be at your best.

Remember what the game means to you, how much you have missed it and the sacrifices it has taken you and your family to get you to this point.

It’s your time to push the envelope, it’s your time to grow, but it’s your time to be thankful for where you come from to have this opportunity.

Be thankful, be grateful, enjoy the bubble experience where ever that might be in Atlantic Canada and stay safe!

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