We Can All Do Better

We Can All Do Better

Local sports and news is dying, it’s all but extinct. We have all played a part in its monumental success and it’s epic collapse.

I remember when it meant something to be in the local paper. It was an honour to be featured in the paper, it still is, but it meant everything to see your name or your team accomplishments.

Local sports and news mattered, sadly that era is over. I grew up in an era where the local paper was heavy.

Literally and figuratively.

The sports section was the prized possession and it took you a good half hour just to get through it. Great photos, great stories. Informative, critical and to the point.

Quite frankly it was all about the content as it should be. Great local news and sports stories are fading fast, but we could all do better.

Phone calls, text messages, private messages and emails are sent, even word of mouth still happens at a frantic pace in the world of media.

Social media has changed all that. Nevertheless, a heads up is all a good reporter, broadcaster or writer needs to zero in a the story.

The best stories are always the ones in front of us.

Some people don’t know where to start, while others can’t seem to find the time to write them, while can’t seem the time to write them all.

Those meaningful local stories aren’t being told anymore and that’s why we all need to do better.

Competition is everything in the world of media, but let’s face it when it comes to covering local sports, everyone wins.

Sure we all have our own style, we all have our own way with words or presence on camera, but at the end of the day it’s the same story.

Everyone wants to be the first to get the story out. I understand that game, I’ve played it and continue to, but we can all do better.

The competitive fire that burns between all local sports and news reporters fuels the journey.

It’s creativity that really set all the greats apart. Nevertheless, in this day and age why are we so protective, why are we still so secretive?

Isn’t there room enough for everyone in the local sports journalism scene?

Sharing is learning. Sharing is growing.

If your competition gets a great interview or writes a phenomenal story they should be celebrated, but nowadays everyone has to criticize, lay blame or be jealous.

Shouldn’t it be about the story, not the writer, broadcaster or podcaster?

You see, we can all do better.

Everyone is looking for the scoop, I get that and I accept it, it’s part of the business, but when it comes to showcasing local athletes and their stories and sacrifices, that’s where everyone should celebrate the story for what it is. Competition fuels the medium, but there’s only a select few remaining that can tell the story.

Let’s tell the story, let’s celebrate the story, let’s not become narrow minded, closed off or secretive about stories that will foster growth and the love again of local sports.

Hell, maybe I’m coming way out of left field in saying this, but instead of creating so much division maybe just maybe we should showcase and promote everyone’s work.

Oh, that might make too much sense.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m all for sharing and even emulating, but when people copy or plagiarize a story that’s crosses the line. There’s no room for that shit, but I guess that’s where creativity comes into play. I guess that’s where the real art form lies.

Let’s all do better. Let’s promote and celebrate local stories, not have a hand in killing them.

Let’s foster a productive relationship, rather than a cut throat rivalry.

Let’s showcase local sports for all the right reasons rather than leverage it for all the wrong ones.

How about we let the viewer or reader make the choice when it comes to the story!

Let’s not copy ideas, let’s create a dialogue. Sure stay in your own lane, but let’s discuss the positives rather than focusing on the negatives. Of course there’s always going to be competition, it fuels the fire, but it should never torch the relationship and the passion to cover the story. We can all do better,

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