Dan Lacroix Is a Game Changer for the Moncton Wildcats

The speculation regarding the Moncton Wildcats Head Coaching position all ended on Tuesday when the team announced the return of Dan Lacroix.

One could say that Tuesday’s announcement is arguably the biggest news of the off season so far for the Wildcats.

That’s how influential and impactful Dan Lacroix can be for the organization.

The Wildcats have their man locked up for the foreseeable future which is truly a game changer for the organization and the City of Moncton.

Photo Credit Daniel St Louis

Dan Lacroix had an instant impact as soon as he arrived in the Hub City last December.

Lacroix’s coaching resume and character speaks for itself, it’s the intangibles that he brings to the job that truly sets him apart.

The Wildcats have the perfect coaching candidate for their rebuild.

Lacroix is a great teacher of the game, firm and fair as a coach and will hold every player accountable while getting the best out of each and everyone of them.

Lacroix’s defensive structure, offensive systems, and coaching philosophy will be critical moving forward with a young talented Wildcat team.

The former NHLer and longtime NHL Asst. Coach will bring much needed stability to the Cats bench which has seen their fair share of coaches over the last few seasons.

Discipline, playing the game the right way and playing the team game highlights the Dan Lacroix’s coaching philosophy.

With the Cats entering the downward trend of junior hockey’s dreaded cycle Lacroix’s presence behind the bench will be undoubtedly one the most influential and impactful aspects of the rebuild.

Photo Credit Daniel St Louis

Obviously, it’s not going to be all sunshine and rainbows for the Wildcats over the next few seasons.

There will definitely be some ups and downs, nevertheless under Lacroix’s guidance and tutelage there will always be light at the end of the tunnel.

With Ritchie Thibeau taking over the Hockey Ops portfolio full time and Lacroix resuming the Head Coaching duties the Wildcats can now focus on building toward their next championship run.

It’s clear Thibeau will empower his staff and take a hands off approach when it comes to coaching decisions and philosophy.

Lacroix will have the autonomy from the coaching side while Thibeau and his scouting staff will have their own autonomy to draft and acquire future Wildcats.

Photo Credit Daniel St Louis

Organizations that struggle internally always seem to have physiological differences when it comes to the hockey ops and coaching side.

A stay in your own lane approach will certainly be applied by the Wildcats moving forward given the strength and trust between Thibeau and Lacroix.

Thibeau and Lacroix will continue to promote and execute the “Wildcat Way” cultural philosophy which will certainly continue to pay dividends on and off the ice for years to come.

Daniel Lacroix is a game changer for the Moncton Wildcats future.

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