Indy Wrestling Review – MLW Fusion Review Episode 2

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This episode kicks off with a promo hyping the “England’s most dangerous man” Jimmy Havoc vs MLW Champion Shane “Swerve” Strickland in tonights main event. It recaps what has happened between them in past matches and they make promises of what will happen when they meet tonight.

Photo Credit to MLW

Our first match of the night pits the team of The Dirty Blondes (Leo Brien and Mike Patrick) with Colonel Robert Parker against Team TBD (Jason Cade and Jimmy Yuta). TBD are looking for revenge after last week’s loss to the Dirty Blondes who cheated hitting Cade with a boot when the ref’s back was turned. This was a solid match with both team’s displaying some good teamwork.

The Dirty Blondes are very much an old school style brawling team. They are a good fit with the Colonel. The Blondes dished out the majority of the punishment. No real hard bumps in this one just some good mat wrestling and brawling. Yuta eventually gets the hot tag and cleans house. He hits a beautiful top rope splash reminiscent of Ricky The Dragon Steamboat.

The finish comes when Yuta hits Patrick with a forearm smash and bounces off the ropes. Robert Parker trips Jimmy Yuta and Mike Patrick roles him up for the win.

6/10 The Dirty Blondes Defeat Team TBD via Pinfall at 6:17.

For a midcard match we get a singles match of two cousins facing off. Ultimo Ninja faces off with the 3rd generation luchador and highly touted Garza Jr (Now Angel Garza in WWE) with his manager “The Modern Day Empressario” Serena De La Renta.

Very high paced lucha libre style wrestling starts this one off. Hurricanranas and a lot of off the ropes work with plenty of dives by both men. They both really put their athleticism on display.

This match really slowed down a lot as it went on and it comes to a very slow, boring crawl.

The finish comes when Selena pulled the mask off Ultimo Ninja and Garza Jr pins him for the win as Ninja covers his face.

4.5/10 Garza Jr Defeats Ultimo Ninja via pinfall at 10:05.

We get a promo package promoting Filthy Tom Lawler and the training tactics he’s using in his MMA style. It shows him teaching his students nothing but dirty tactics like fish hooking. I thought this was pretty funny.

Interview with The Dirty Blondes and Colonel Parker. Parker reminds peope of who he is and what he’s accomplished with the likes of Steve Austin, Sid and Harlem Heat. He finally puts over the Dirty Blondes and off they go.

We cut to a promo by MVP to promote next week’s main event of him versus Sami Callihan. MVP explains he wants to climb the rankings of MLW and keep a promise to be the best for his son.

Another package promoting Havoc Vs Strickland tonight. We hear from each of them prior to the tale of the tape.

It’s main event time! Hard hitting match right out of the gate as both men are waffling each other with hard kicks and elbows. Strickland takes control first and delivers some vicious kicks and stomps to Havoc. The champ starts putting in some great mat wrestling and stretching Havoc out on the mat.

Havoc causes Strickland to trip up in the ropes and take control but not for long. Champ hits a 619 and a nice kick to the back of the head for a near fall. Strickland continues ponding away at the relentless Havoc.

Havoc takes some punishment but eventually hits a destroyer and an Acid Ranimaker for a near fall. Havoc then ties him up in a sleeper style hold on the mat.

Swerve accidentally kicks the referee and the fans count the pin fall with the ref down as Havoc was out prone on the mat. Strickland hit an Acid Rainmaker of his own. Havoc rolls out. Havoc tries to get back n the ring but Strickland stops him with a kick. Havoc gets hung up hanging on the ropes outside the ring. Swerve steps on the apron and then stomps Havoc to floor outside the ring.

Strickland hits the Swerve Stomp from the top rope and gets the win with a clean pin.

6.75/10 Shane Strickland defeats Havoc with a Swerve Stomp and a pinfall at 11:06.

Not a bad show overall and I enjoyed the main event. Nice to see at least one clean pinfall.

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