A Moment In Time: The 2020 QMJHL Draft

For the past four years I’ve have had the pleasure of watching some amazing individual and team performances from the role as a scout, TV colour analyst and writer.

For me it’s been a dream come true to cover the game and get to meet so many players and their families on draft day and beyond.

Hockey dreams will come true for so many young players and their families over the following 48 hours.

Graphic Content Provided by the QMJHL

So many sacrifices, so many stories, so many unique journeys will all start this weekend, but the true winner in all of the attention and pressure that comes with the draft is the game itself.

You see the most important aspect to remember over the weekend is not where the player is ranked or drafted, the most important aspect players and their families should understand is what happens after the draft.


That’s where the real work begins.

Character and other invaluable intangibles a player brings to the training camp ultimately defines their journey in the QMJHL and beyond.

The wait is over, hockey dreams will come true.

Unfortunately for some those dreams may very well be shattered.

There’s no guarantees on draft day, but the game of hockey will live on in all of us.

As the anticipation, speculation and excitement mounts, it’s evident that the game that so many of us love is a fantastic place.

The pomp and circumstance which has become a QMJHL tradition is unfortunately absence this time around.

For one brief year, one moment in time the QMJHL Draft will take on an unfamiliar home online.

The journey’s that are so uniquely shared and celebrated in previous years by the masses will now take on a new complexion in the homes where all those dreams all began.

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