What Did You Expect?

What Did You Expect?

Now is the time to reflect and celebrate, not outwardly criticize.

Unfortunately for Moncton Wildcats fans there will be a forever “what if” surrounding the 2019-2020 season.

Obviously, the Wildcats had a team that could have possibly gone all the way.

Photo Credit Daniel St Louis

But to acquire monumental pieces you have to trade monumental pieces.

That’s exactly what Ritchie Thibeau and his staff did.

Thibeau and his staff built a championship caliber team and fans should be proud of that.

Proud to have witnessed a team that could have done amazing things come playoff time.

This isn’t life or death, but I’m sure die hard Wildcats fan are speechless with the news of Elliot Desnoyers and Zachary L’Heureux heading to their arch rivals the Halifax Mooseheads.

You see that’s the business side of junior hockey’s dreaded cycle and if you want to win the ultimate prize that’s what you have to do.

News of L’Heureux leaving the Hub City all started in early December with the talk of Groulx and McIsaac being essential targets for the Cats

L’Heureux is a bonafide superstar in the making and Desnoyers is one of those players you can win with.

Clearly I don’t have to tell that to Cats fans.

Every Wildcat fan new this day would come, but they thought they would be hoisting junior hockey’s Holy Grail, when it did.

That’s the sad reality for loyal Wildcats fans continues to sink in.

2019-2020 will always be the year that could have been.

Now isn’t the time to outwardly criticize the moves Thibeau and the organization made, now is the time to reflect and celebrate the team for what it was; a championship contender that never got the opportunity to show what they could do.

A new chapter will be written, the rebuild begins.

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