You Can’t Fake Culture

You can’t fake it. Either you have it embedded and engrained within the very fabric of the organization or you don’t.

There’s no faking culture. Brand and culture are two fundamental foundational principles in any successful business or organization.

Nevertheless, in this day and age, optics play a massive role in determining the perceived culture of any organization.

Cultivating a winning culture, building cultural norms, harbouring personal and professional growth and development.

You can use all the buzz words you want, but you can’t fake it. Have you ever noticed organizations that are searching for their culture talk about it endlessly, while the true class organizations let their culture speak for itself. Are perceived cultural norms becoming a selling point? Is it all about the optics or is it all about surface culture?

What the hell is surface culture and what does it even mean? In my opinion, surface culture is all about optics.

You see there might the promise of winning or growth and development, but that promise quickly becomes mired in the “bull shit” of brand promotion and the optics of surface culture.

In some cases, organizations have been hiding behind their surface culture for years. Of course you can cultivate a winning culture, but that starts at the top. It all starts with people. That’s the foundation of true culture. There’s no optics or trying to fake it, it’s just reality it happens naturally.

You can’t force it. You can’t fake it. You can try to emulate it, but that never works.

The individuals that can build it from the ground up are loyal, not brand loyal their culturally loyal. In my opinion, there’s a massive difference between the two.

Culturally successful organizations surround themselves with amazing like minded individuals that believe in the big picture.

Their culture becomes a tradition and beacon of success.

Obviously, everyone loves to win and in the business of hockey it’s all about winning, but winning the right way. Winning on and off the ice, that’s the true formula to any winning culture and as sure as hell you can’t fake that.

You can pour your heart and soul into the optics or into growing the brand, but without a sound cultural foundation, you have nothing.

What’s that look like? How are those optics? We can all think of and name the organizations that do it right.

We can all think of and name the organizations that do it wrong and that are constantly searching for that winning formula.

You can’t fake it. You can’t make it look a certain way. You either have it or your searching for it.

Don’t be fooled by the surface culture bull shit or optics.

Look for the organizations that aren’t trying to sell it and you will find the true winners, the organizations that win on and off the ice.

How are those optics?

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