Sea Dogs Targeting Gravel?

Are the Saint Sea Dogs Targeting Alexis Gravel?

All you have to do is read between the lines.

In a recent interview with Rogers TV’s Chris Dobson on Sports Quaran TV Saint John Sea Dogs President and General Manager Trevor Georgie shared some perspective and insight on the direction of the organization and their plan to build a champion.

In order to do that the Sea Dogs have a few areas of concern to address, one being between the pipes.

Georgie addresses the Dogs goaltending situation around the 8:30 mark of the interview.

“Noah has all the potential to be a starting goalie, but it’s probably too early to give him that right away next season, I think that’s something in a platoon situation makes more sense.”

“There are a lot of goalies out there that are 19 or 20 that would be good mentors for Noah and could share the duties, so we are going to look at getting a goalie in here to share those duties with Noah and may the best goalie win.”

For a moment let’s take a step back and perhaps read between the lines.

Patenaude isn’t quite ready and the Sea Dogs need a veteran that could potentially carry or share the load.

What veteran netminders are there right now that would fit the Sea Dogs plan of action.

Alexis Gravel seems like the most logical fit.

Photo Credit TVA Sports

Gravel has the potential to carry a team and could be extra motivated to prove he can play at the next level and earn a pro contact.

Gravel didn’t have the greatest of seasons with the Herd last year backstopping a young rebuilding team, but still has the potential to be a star tendy in the league.

A motivated Gravel might be just what the doctor ordered for a Saint John Sea Dogs team looking to bolster their goaltending.

One could speculate the deal for a netminder would be done at the upcoming QMJHL draft.

There is a small hurdle in place that the Sea Dogs and Mooseheads will have to cross in order to get a deal completed if in fact that’s who the Dogs are targeting.

For obvious reasons, relations between Georgie and Cam Russell were considerably strained during the season, but of course that’s all ‘Classified.’

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