The Highway 1 Blockbuster

They just couldn’t or could they?

Could arch rivals be trade partners?

Stranger things have happened in the QMJHL.

If the Mooseheads and Wildcats can do it any one can!

Could the Moncton Wildcats and the Saint John Sea Dogs make a Highway 1 blockbuster trade?

The writing is definitely on the wall.

With the arrival of highly touted forward Peter Reynolds, the Dogs could decide to move their championship aspirations up a year.

Granted they don’t have a Head Coach right now or they haven’t said it publicly if Jeff Cowan is returning behind the bench.

It would also appear that the Wildcats are looking for a coach as well.

The Sea Dogs are also missing a bona fide number one goaltender, but with all that said they could significantly bolster their line up with one trade.

Trevor Georgie could decide to go all in.

Could Georgie land Jakob Pelletier and Jordan Spence from the Wildcats?

It might sound far fetched with all the uncertainty, but with the 3rd pick overall on the table anything can happen.

Pelletier and Spence would fit perfectly in the Sea Dogs line up or any line up for that matter.

It might be beneficial for the Wildcats to package Pelletier and Spence together to get the biggest return.

Why do it now?

Well both clubs could benefit from the deal immediately, but with all the uncertainty it’s doubtful teams will want to make a big splash.

If all the picks come back from the Halifax Mooseheads deal the Cats could in fact significantly kick start their rebuild by landing the 3rd overall pick by moving Pelletier and Spence at the draft rather than waiting for the trade period whenever that might be.

Obviously there’s a sense that the Cats will hold onto their assets, but that 3rd overall pick might be to valuable to pass up.

There’s tons of questions surrounding the Sea Dogs intentions right now and there’s still talk of the team potentially landing Cam MacDonald as well.

What the Sea Dogs are missing is a captain, a glue guy(s) that will bring that room and young talent together and turn their franchise into a serious championship threat.

Hello, Jakob Pelletier and Jordan Spence.

The Dogs could take a very patient approach and head into this season optimistically building towards the following year by making their selection and leverage that player or other players after the fact to build a championship contender.

Conventional or unconventional path you be the judge.

With so much uncertainty right now why would anyone gamble and make a massive earth shattering deal?

Well this might be the perfect time to go do it.

If the QMJHL was to return let’s say in early December, teams that have made all their deals at the upcoming draft would have everything in place would undoubtedly have an advantage over their competition.

As for their trade partners, the Wildcats have had a fantastic track record picking 3rd overall and it would be a massive boost to the organization if they landed another let’s say Jakob Pelletier or Zachary L’Heureux type player.

If in fact the Dogs and Cats were to make the trade the Cats would want a plethora of draft picks and perhaps a prospect and an impact forward and blueliner.

If the Dogs were to make that move it would certainly hurt their chances and aspirations at potentially going back to back.

Time will certainly tell if a Highway 1 Blockbuster is possibly in the works, and if the arch rivals are compatible trade partners.

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