The Reynolds Factor

The Reynolds Factor

Peter Reynolds is coming home.

The Saint John Sea Dogs have landed arguably one of the top 17 year old forwards in the CHL.

You can look at Reynolds numbers or you can look at the impact he will have at the QMJHL level.

This is a game changer for the Sea Dogs organization.

Reynolds addition signifies a potential desire to make back to back runs at a championship.

With so much uncertainty surrounding the start of the season it’s clear the Sea Dogs have locked in another vital piece to what they believe to be a championship caliber team.

The Sea Dogs have a massive decision to make regarding the 3rd puck overall in this years Q

QMJHL Draft.

I recently spoke to one QMJHL team’s executive regarding the 3rd overall selection.

Would you trade the pick if you were the Dogs?

Their answer was clear and very poignant.

“No, you make the pick.”

“There might not even be a season,” they said.

Do the Sea Dogs trade the pick to acquire two impact veterans for this season and next?

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With all the uncertainty surrounding the upcoming season and trade period and number of games being played the Dogs could also decide to make the pick and potentially trade it after the fact.

If the Dogs were to make a strong run at a potential championship run for the upcoming season a possible trade partner could be come from their arch rivals the Moncton Wildcats.

If the Sea Dogs believe they have enough to go back to back they may look to acquire Jakob Pelletier or Jordan Spence from the Cats.

Photo Credit Saint John Sea Dogs

If they were seriously considering going all in this upcoming season they could in fact try to land both.

There’s also rumours circulating that Cam MacDonald may potentially be opting out of the NCAA route as well.

The addition of Peter Reynolds changes everything for the Saint John Sea Dogs.

The Dogs still haven’t made an official announcement regarding their Head Coaching situation and if they have visions of going back to back they would also have to solidify their goaltending.

The Peter Reynolds factor drastically changes everything for the Saint John Sea Dogs, but now more than ever asset management will ultimately determine the organization’s destiny.

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