Chipping Away At A Fantastic Career

I thought while we proceed cautiously through these unprecedented times, I’d take some of this quarantine time to interview one of the mainstays on the independent scene here in the Maritimes.

If you’ve followed the Maritime independent wrestling scene at all in the last few years, you should know the name Chip Chambers well! He was kind enough to answer a few of my questions recently and I thought I’d share our conversation here today!

Chambers made his debut on the wrestling scene in 2010 for Xtreme Wrestling Alliance. The Saint John, New Brunswick product has wrestled for several promotions during his 10 plus year career including Ultimate Championship Wrestling (Nova Scotia), Innovative Hybrid Wrestling from Moncton, New Brunswick, North Shore Pro Wrestling (Quebec) and Kaizen Pro Wrestling based in the Halifax, Nova Scotia area.

Photo Credit Ultimate Championship Wrestling

Jamie Small (JS): What’s Your earliest memory of pro wrestling?

Chip Chambers (CC): It was watching WrestleMania XX with my father. I watched as a kid, but nothing stuck or resonated. WrestleMania XX always has.

JS: What matches really stood out for you at this edition of the showcase of the immortals?

CC: It was Eddie Guerrero’s WWF Championship match with Kurt Angle and the triple threat match for the World Heavyweight Championship with Shawn Michaels and Triple H. Guerrero and Benoit were arguably men who were never supposed to reach the top of the pro wrestling world, but they did anyways.

JS:  What sacrifices did you or your family have to make to see you reach this point in your career?

CC: Contrary to popular belief, I’m constantly asked to stop by my parents every time I turn around. They may have been to 5 shows, if that, since I started. It’s just the reality of it. They don’t want to see their son get hurt is all. This is very much something I’ve done myself. Like everyone who gets into wrestling, you’ll miss birthday, family get togethers, etc. Everyone has sacrificed something different.

Photo Credit Gaetan Lanteigne Photography

JS: Do you have any regrets about chasing the dreams you have in wrestling at this point?

CC: You always regret the things you don’t do really so it would be chasing some other opportunities more or capitalizing on them.

JS: What are some of the successes you’ve experienced in the ring and why?

CC: Honestly, just putting on good matches. Anytime I feel like I’m handed the ball, I try and knock it out of the park. We don’t have a high influx of true junior heavyweights here locally and not many people wrestle that way.

JS: The Junior Heavyweight style is my favourite to be honest. I’m a fan of the NJPW product and I’m always looking forward to what those guys bring. I like the faster action and pace to a match. Where do you plan or would you like to take your pro wrestling career?

CC: There’s a reason the Super Junior Tournament in NJPW has been going on for so many years as it has, right? Obviously, with the current state of things, plans have changed, and we will have to see how the world resumes normality. Is this the time for a lot of Canadian talent to break out across the country if the US border remains closed? We can only wonder and wait to see

JS: It’s definitely a changing world and travel will be different I’m sure. It would be with great pride that I as a fan would love to see a truly national Canadian product emerge! It’s been a long time since the territory days (and in my opinion the glory days of Canadian wrestling) with Calgary Stampede, Atlantic Grand Prix and Lutte International from Montreal. For anyone who is interested in entering the sport, what advice would you give them especially where the world landscape will likely change in light of the COVID-19 pandemic?

CC: Don’t judge a wrestling product you may be watching because they don’t have fun in the audience. Fans make the experience just as much as the wrestlers, but for now study, study, study especially while people tend have that extra 8-10 hours a day!

JS: For someone who hasn’t been following the “Pop Punk Pariah”, what match or matches would you suggest they check to reference some of your work?

CC: I’m very proud my match with Covey Christ from Kaizen in February ( and my match with Kris Hicks from the IHW September to Surrender XIV PPV (can be found on

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