Goaltending 101: Trevor Nagle Offers Insight on Development Between the Pipes

Goaltending 101: Leave It Up to the Pro’s 2nd Edition: “Trevor’s Take” My Interview with Trevor Nagle

I’m no pro or expert when it comes to assessing, evaluating or even projecting young goaltenders.

It’s extremely difficult to project those who play the position.

I asked four questions at the end of the first article and reached out to my good friend and former coach, longtime stellar netminder, owner of Nagle’s Goalie Garage, and recently named Hockey New Brunswick’s Volunteer Coach of the Month Trevor Nagle.

Here are Nagle’s answers and insight into those four questions.

CE: What vital component do you look when observing, assessing and evaluating young goaltenders?

TN: “Even at a young age I look for body language, attitude, stance, skating and positioning.”

CE: What’s the biggest misconception that scouts have about the position and young goaltenders when they are being evaluated?

TN: “I think one of the biggest misconceptions I have seen is game play, not enough consideration is taken from game play. There are young goalies who look great in drills, but might not carry over into gameplay, they might not have that hockey sense.”

CE: Why does it take longer for goaltenders to mature and develop?

TN: “It is a really mental/technical position and I think it takes thousands of reps to get good at certain techniques.”

“A lot of the new goalie positions are not comfortable and it takes time and reps to get good at. Goalies need to have a reset button too, which isn’t easy.”

CE: Technique, poise, confidence, skating ability, hockey sense anticipation and battle and compete level, what’s the most important factor that people should look for when scouting young goaltenders and why are those aspects sometimes overlook?

TN: “Skating, positioning and body language are keys that I would be looking for in a try out process.”

“I think there is a lack of knowledge among some coaches about the goalie position and really don’t know what they should be looking for.”

“I like a goalie who stays in control for as long as possible.”

“The goalie position has changed, less is more.”

“You want to be efficient and get yourself in the best possible position to make the save and then be in good enough control to possible make two or three saves.”

Nagle’s insight on this subject is truly invaluable for anyone involved in the game today.

Nagle is on the front lines so to speak when it comes to helping develop young netminders.

Nagle’s Goalie Garage offers one on one instruction in season and out of season for young goaltenders.

Goaltenders train on synthetic ice in the garage with a focus on positioning, critical movements, angles, foot work and fundamentals.

For more information on Nagle’s Goalie Garage check out their Facebook Pg


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