Hitting The “Mark” – A Look at Kaizen Pro Wrestling

I haven’t had the pleasure of being able to see a Kaizen Pro Wrestling event live. My plans are to catch as many Maritime shows as I can once this pandemic is over and life gets back to some sense of normalcy. Kaizen Pro Wrestling, which is based out of the Halifax, Nova Scotia area, is certainly on that list of must-sees.

Photo credit courtesy of Kaizen Pro Wrestling.

I took the following quote from their FaceBook page (https://www.facebook.com/kaizenprowrestling/) as I was curious as to what Kaizen actually meant.

“Kai” means “change”, and “zen” means “good”….good change.

Kaizen is the Sino-Japanese word for “improvement”, to do things that continuously improve all functions and involve all employees from the boss to the workers.

And that’s what we want here at Kaizen Pro Wrestling. To give opportunity, to help improve, and provide a positive environment for wrestlers, vets, and management staff.”

I thought I would take some time and give a brief overview of what is one my favourite type of matches to see in a multi-person match. When this match is done right, it highlights the strengths of each person involved, tells an interesting story that engages the audience and is non-stop action from start to finish. Kaizen’s match held on January 25, 2020 from Aladerney Landing in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia and shared free for all fans on FaceBook was no exception!

The match features 5 stars on the rise in a man who the fans love to hate and tremendous character in Charlie Hubley (@CharlieHubley); the Young Lion of the Maritime Indy scene Kimba (@YoungLionKimba); a man whose nickname describes him perfectly and the rudest of bad guys Thad “Hairy” Howett (@howett_thad); one of my personal favourites to watch in Chantal (@mxwrestler) who was accompanied to the ring by CTV Atlantic news reporter and Maritime Morning Live celebrity Ana Almeida (@AnaAlmeidaCTV); and last but not least, the dastardly yet extremely stylish Max Power! (@MaxPowerWrestle)

We start with a promo by the heels in this match in Max Power, Thad Howett and Charlie Hubley. All three do a good job of presenting what the underlying stories we’re about to see presented in the ring are about. Max Power presents his reasoning as to why a cat should not be in the match. Thad Howett expresses his disdain for people interfering in his matches that should boil the blood of anyone with sound mind! Charlie Hubley gives us an overview of his culinary arts skills. He berates the live crowd, his opponents in this match and lets us know just what we can expect to see once he hits the ring!

This match was great from start to finish. Lots of action with Charlie Hubley immediately getting his come-uppance by his 4 opponents. We get to see some great moves from each wrestler with moves by Chantal and Kimba to the outside of the ring. Each wrestler displays their talents and athleticism in this match. I loved it and can’t wait to see the stories presented and developed further in the shows ahead. I’m not going to give you a blow by blow rundown or spoil the ending for you! It must be watched to fully appreciate. 

Follow the links in embedded in this article and let’s prove to Charlie Hubley that us Maritimers are not “Pieces of Human Excrement” and support our local athletes! Give them the love and attention they deserve by giving them a look. We want to keep encouraging them to make and share these live shows! You need to get out and see them live whenever you can but in these trying times support them anyway you can. I suggest you watch the shared matches on FaceBook, YouTube or subscribe at IWTV (https://iwtv.live/promotion/kaizen-pro#Rw4A8pzvNl) to watch the full shows!



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