Jakob Pelletier Stayed True to His Word

Jakob Pelletier was the highest drafted player chosen by the Moncton Wildcats in almost a decade. 

In the midst of a massive rebuild, the 5”8, 154 pound 16-year-old had the weight of the world on his shoulders.

He was pegged as the savior of the proud franchise on the downward end of junior hockey’s dreaded cycle. 

Photo Credit Vincent Ethier

Could the diminutive forward possibly carry the Moncton Wildcats back to respectability and lead them to a championship? 

Jakob Pelletier’s confidence was on full display at Harbour Station on that beautiful Saturday morning in June 2017. 

Moments after being selected third overall in 2017 QMJHL Draft, Pelletier looked into the Rogers TV cameras and said. 

“I’m a winner, and that’s what I’m going to bring to Moncton and we are going to win!”

Jakob Pelletier was true to his word. 

The gifted two-way winger lifted the Moncton Wildcats up. 

He gave the organization, fans and the city hope when they needed it most.

The highly skilled charismatic forward from Quebec City willed his team back to respectability with his inspired play and leadership on and off the ice. 

Pelletier’s compete level and work ethic was infectious from the very start. 

His personality, sense of humour, confidence, pride and passion for the game was on full display every time he pulled the Wildcats jersey on. 

You could tell right away that Pelletier possesses an unprecedented driven and loved the game.

Pelletier not only lived up to the hype and immense pressure and high expectations that was instantly imposed on him, he surpassed them.

Game in game out, year after year the young phenom continued to elevate his game and the organization. 

Arguably the Calgary Flames 2019 1st rounder could very well be one of the most complete players in Moncton Wildcat history.


Pelletier’s days with the organization and the city he called home for three years might in fact be numbered given the team’s monumental QMJHL Trade Period. 

Time will tell, but we were all blessed to see this kid play for three seasons if in fact #11 played his final game for the Cats. 

Character, skill, drive, loyalty, pride, and an unwavering passion for the game that’s the legacy Jakob Pelletier has had and continues to have on the Moncton Wildcats.

In this era of the game many times you will see young athletes that are so entitled and cocky or those that don’t say anything at all. 

Jakob Pelletier knew he could deliver and stayed true to his word.

He kept his promise to himself, the city and the fans. 

Jakob Pelletier is a winner and so were the Moncton Wildcats.


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