Sokolov Continues To Deliver the Goods!

Egor Sokolov has delivered some amazing performances on the ice for the Cape Breton Eagles over the past three seasons.

The high scoring Russian import has delivered the goods time and time again, but that has taken on an entirely new meaning now.

Sokolov will be delivering groceries and essential products today and foreseeable future lending a helping hand for the community he loves.

The Russian sniper decided to stay in Cape Breton during the Covid-19 pandemic.

The forty goal scorer is helping his billet family who own a local grocery store in Sydney Mines make sure the elderly and those that have to stay in their homes have the supplies they need.

“It’s not that hard for me because I’m really close to my billet family,” Sokolov said of staying in Cape Breton.

Photo Credit Daniel St Louis

“I just spent some time with them do some workouts at home, and just do what everyone supposed to do, stay home,” the star import added.

Sokolov and his family decided it was best he stay in Nova Scotia rather than making the trek back home.

“I talk to my family everyday and we both knew that it was going be a better decision because of the situation in Europe, so they understood me, and we both knew that it was the best to stay in Cape Breton.”

What does it mean to help out his community in these uncertain times?

“You know it’s mean a lot to me because I want to help my billet family.”

“We talked about it and I was really excited to do it, it’s for family and friends, of my billet family.”

“They know some people where its hard to just get out of the house and go get a groceries, so I just want to be here for everyone and help them stay safe, and just make it trough this hard time,” explained Sokolov.

Sokolov will be taking all the necessary precautions wearing protective gloves for all his deliveries.

The QMJHL leading goal scorer will be leaving all the supplies at the front door of people’s homes.

Egor Sokolov continues to deliver for Cape Breton. Passion, character, leadership, courage and an unwavering willingness to step up and lend a helping hand, that’s Egor Sokolov.

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  1. Great of him. Top notch guy. Great scorer. But needs to get a lot tougher to play with the big boys. I wish him nothing but great success in his future.


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