Hockey’s Divide Widens with Handshake Decision

There’s always been a preconceived and or noticeable division between the Double AA and Triple AAA ranks in the game of hockey.

I believe that divide has widened since Hockey New Brunswick’s decision to move post game handshakes to before the game.

Opinions vary drastically on the decision with many hockey people torn.

I was under the assumption that as soon as Hockey NB implemented the mandate it would be incorporated across all levels or ranks.

That’s simply not the case.

I was appalled when a comment popped up saying that the Triple A ranks would still be shaking hands post game.

I know why a governing body would try to implement the rule in order to protect the games participants, but this has only widened a divide within the game.

Can you imagine a 13 year old kid in Bantam AA shaking hands before the game and a 13 year old kid in Bantam AAA shaking hands after the game.

What message is that sending to kids?

What message is that sending within game?

One hockey parent left this comment on one of my posts earlier this week.

“Try explaining to a 7yr old that “all of a sudden” we now have to shake hands before a game, but last week we did it after games.”

“7yrs old, one word, “brutal.”

We all love the game.

We all want the best for the game, and again I can understand why the decision was made and in many cases has it prevented incidents from arising, maybe, but in other ways the decision has divided our great game even farther.

A decision to protect and prevent has created division and confusion in a game that already has its share of hierarchical entitlement and political division.

Why can’t we just shake on it, oh because we are still divided!

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