Quite the Pair

Sean Stewart and Ryan MacLellan have known each other their entire lives.

Growing up in the bitterly cold rinks of Antigonish, Nova Scotia certainly builds passion and character, but more importantly chemistry.

Hockey has a unique way of connecting us all, but the bond between Stewart and MacLellan and the rest of the magical 2017 Cape Breton West Islanders team is truly remarkable.

Photo Credit Daniel St Louis

That teams journey could be written has a Hollywood script.

The West Islanders legend is continuing to grow with so many players from that team excelling at the junior ranks and in life after the game.

The four current Wildcats players realize just how special their path to this point in the QMJHL has been and in many ways this might be the last time that foursome will have to play together.

Stewart and MacLellan understood how special this weekend’s game were and how unique their trek has been to get to this point within their careers.

Playing with Sean definitely makes the transition to Moncton a lot easier,” confessed MacLellan.

“Knowing him and the Antigonish crew previous to getting traded here made me feel really comfortable.”

“I think Sean and I work well together,” he added.

The familiarity and connect goes deep both on and off the ice.

“We’ve played together a lot growing up and it brings back good memories.”

“The rest of the season should be a lot of fun.”

“Playing with Ryan is great,” Stewart said.

“I always have a pretty good idea of what he’s going to do when he gets the puck,” explained Stewart.

Photo Credit Hickling Images

MacLellan and Stewart read off each other extremely well and moved the puck very effectively this weekend.

“I know the style of the game Ryan plays so it’s easy to adjust when I am put on the ice with him.”

“We have always been friends as well, so it’s cool and very enjoyable to be able to have the chance to play alongside him again,” admitted Stewart.


Photo credit Daniel St Louis

A shared vision,

A shared dream,

A shared experience and leading to past and what they hope to be future championship glory.

Photo Credit Daniel St Louis

The Moncton Wildcats Cape Breton four have one final shot at winning and playing together.

Jacob Hudson, Jake Stewart, Sean Stewart and Ryan MacLellan all know what it takes to win it all under incredible pressure.

Photo Credit Daniel St Louis

The game within the game. The bond between lifelong friends and teammates transcends the game.

The bond forged as kids in rural Nova Scotia lives on under the bright lights of the QMJHL.

Quite the pair,

Quite the foursome,

Character, chemistry and willingness to do anything that helps the team win, that’s the Wildcats Cape Breton four.


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