Moving On Up

It would appear that the Wildcats star rookie Zachary L’Heureux is moving up the team’s depth charts tonight as they face the Saint Sea Dogs.

Photo Credit Daniel St Louis

L’Heureux has had an outstanding rookie campaign with the Cats this season averaging over a point a game.

Public outcry came a few weeks back when the highly skilled two-way rookie found himself on the Cats 4th line.

An article by Wildcats beat reporter Neil Hodge had some great insight from both Cats Head Coach Daniel Lacriox and L’Heureux himself.

L’Heureux’s work ethic and compete level was called into question.

Lacroix and the rest of the coaching staff seems to have solidified the lines and defensive pairings over the last 10 games or so.

L’Heureux will no doubt move up to the 2nd line with Groulx and Fortier, while Mika Cyr who will be playing his 200th career game tonight will slide into a line with Jacob Hudson and Philippe Daoust.

With L’Heureux’s ascension, Elliot Desnoyers will probably find himself playing on the Cats 4th unit.

The Wildcats have caught fire as of late.

Photo Credit Daniel St Louis

On a very deep championship caliber team line juggling is very common especially coming down the stretch.

There’s no question L’Heureux has earned the promotion. Nevertheless, every once in a while a message has to be sent.

Daniel Lacriox’s message was clear and young Zachary L’Heureux responded.

Photo Credit Daniel St Louis

Exactly how you would expect any high profile highly skilled rookie would.

The sky is the limit for L’Heureux and the Moncton Wildcats.

Quick Hits

1. Before you criticize line combinations think twice the coaching staff usually knows best

2. The Wildcats power play has caught fire, but in my opinion it still needs a little more tweaking with #12 parked in his office at the left face dot instead of in front of the net

3. The lines combinations will continue to change, instead of freaking out, just embrace it and give it some time, there’s always a method to the madness or a message to be sent!


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