An Open Letter to Those Planning on Leaving the Game

To Whom It May Concern,

Another season is winding down. For some it might be the last time they ever suit up in an organized game.

For these players it’s an emotional time to reflect on their countless years playing the game they love. The reflection period isn’t always positive or easy to digest, but when you look back on the overall experience be sure to remember what the game has given you.

To respect the game is to love the game and stepping away from the game isn’t always easy. You will always have the memories, friendships and experiences to reflect on, but don’t forget what the game has taught you.

The game of hockey had the ability to educate those who were touched by it on countless levels. The game gave you the opportunity for individual success coupled with overall team success. To be successful in the game of hockey you needed an honest effort, your ability to make people better around you often provided you with complete satisfaction in the overall result.

Life lessons within the game of hockey aren’t complex, clearly the basis for success within the game is derived by the amount of commitment and effort you the player exhibited.

These intangibles were developed and ingrained the moment you laced up your skates.

Don’t forget what it took to be successful in the game of hockey; don’t underestimate the trust you had in your friends and teammates.

The game has taught you to embrace diversity and to understand and accept the uniqueness of fellow teammates without judging them.

The game has taught you that the name on the front of the jersey is more important than the name on the back.

The game of hockey provided you the opportunity to respect the passion and sacrifice of others. Hockey gave you a chance to share all these experiences with your parents, teammates and coaches.

To leave the game of hockey isn’t the end, but to give back to the game that has given you so much is just the beginning.

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