Hired to be Fired? But Seriously, Gerard Gallant and Mike Kelly Why?

Hired to be fired. That’s life as a NHL coach, they all know it, but if Gerard Gallant and Mike Kelly can be fired, no current NHL coach is safe. 

You will never meet two better guys and coaches than Gerard Gallant and Mike Kelly. 

Photo Credit NHL.com

It’s upsetting and downright bizarre to think they aren’t going to be behind a NHL bench. 

Don’t worry they won’t be out of a job too long. 

The Golden Knights just made a very big mistake getting rid of Gallant and Kelly. 

I wonder how the players feel about this move?

I wonder if they are as confused as we all are over this?

Three points out of the division lead and four points out of 2nd place in the Western Conference, Kelly McCrimmon decided to make a change.

Photo Credit NHL

If I’m Seattle and Ron Francis, I hire Turk and Kelly almost instantly. 

What Gallant and Kelly were able to do in Vegas the last few years was simply incredible. 

It just goes to show their depth of knowledge and commitment to the game and the understanding of what makes the modern day player operate.

That’s a very rare combination in this era of the game, which is another reason this dynamic coaching duo won’t be out of work too long.

Gallant and Kelly stick up for their players, they are transparent and honest with the media. They epitomize what a NHL coach should be.

Hired to be fired, that’s life as a NHL coach, they all know it, but this one just doesn’t make sense to me. 

I had the opportunity to interview Gerard Gallant at the mid way point of the season during their amazing and magical run to the Stanley Cup Final in 2017-2018.

Here’s the article 


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