“Twas the Night Before the QMJHL Trade Period Deadline”

“Twas the night before the Deadline” and all through the league, speculation and rumours are flying.

TVA’s Mikael Lalancette is starting to break trades like it’s going out of style, the end is near, the marathon is turning into a sprint.

So who will be the movers and shakers in the final hours of the deadline?

Let’s take a look at some possibilities and speculate shall we.

Are the Moncton Wildcats finished?

Well some would say no, not even close. How could they possibly upgrade their current lineup?

There’s a consensus out there that they need one more depth defencemen. If that’s the case just simply go out and get one.

Clearly it’s not that easy.

How would the Cats go about doing that, especially when the cupboards are getting pretty bare right now.

Well that’s entirely up for Ritchie Thibeau and the Cats brain trust to decide.

The most difficult question of all right now for the Wildcats organization is are they really content enough with their twenty year old situation?

Would they upgrade that scenario if they could go out and acquire a solid 19 yr old d man with Championship experience?

Now who could that be?

If they upgrade on the point why not go out and land a twenty year old impact forward with experience, grit and scoring touch at the same time?

That scenario is highly unlikely at this point, but one never really knows what goes on in the final hours of the deadline.

As of right now the Cats have a amazing lineup as is. The Wildcats just need to gel, come together as a team and find chemistry.

What’s going on in Moose Country?

Alexis Gravel’s name continues to circulate. The standout veteran netminder would be one of the final pieces of puzzle for Cam Russell to move in effort to acquire more critical pieces for the rebuild.

Which contender needs an upgrade between the pipes?

That’s an interesting proposal?

When dealing with any 19 year old NHL Drafted goaltender there’s always a possibility that they may return given the amount of games played and tons of other scenarios and stipulations that many NHL teams have in place.

Will Gravel, Kevin Mandolese and Olivier Rodrigue be back in the Q next year?

There’s always a possibility so would a contender for next season take a long shot at landing a 19 year old now, instead of waiting for the draft?

That’s big time risky, and very unlikely, but hey it’s the final hours of the Trade Period, anything can happen?

Eagles Ready to Soar!

The Cape Breton Eagles are a dangerous team.

Nevertheless, there’s a feeling that they aren’t finished as of yet.

The Eagles have solidified their backend with the acquisition of Xavier Bouchard, and made a massively impactful trade acquiring Shawn Element.

So what type of player do the Eagles need to get them over the top?

Well they need another solid veteran forward that can score and has transitional speed.

Those types of forwards are very hard to come by and are few and far between right now.

I’m sure the Eagles are trying everything in their power to make another big splash before the close of the deadline.

Speaking of big splashes the Charottetown Islanders might be trying to pull something off in the final hours of the deadline.

Could they possibly move Nikita Alexandrov?

Alexandrov would definitely help their chances of getting into round two and beyond in this year’s President Cup Playoffs, but the Islanders are building toward something in a year or two.

What contender would be willing to upgrade their import situation this late in the game?

I’ll let you be the judge on that one!

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