Best Resume or Best Fit?

John Torchetti was suppose to be the Moncton Wildcats guy.

He was supposed to lead the Wildcats to the promise land.

The Wildcats were well on their way on a championship trajectory with John Torchetti behind the bench until Novemeber 29th, that’s when everything changed.

The last few weeks have been plagued with rumor and speculation for an organization with championship aspirations.

The speculation is now over the Moncton Wildcats have released John Torchetti.

Torchetti had the resume, he had the experience, he was hired due in large part to the familiarity with the organization.

So now that Torchetti is out of the picture, who’s next?

Who will be the next coach of the Moncton Wildcats?

Is it a “go big or go home” mentality for the Wildcats and the selection process for a new coach?

Are they looking for the best resume or the best fit?

Obviously the front running candidates for such a high profile job as this are few and far between.

One would assume familiarity has to be at the forefront of any search for a new coach, that and maybe NHL experience?

Is that the “be all end all” of coaching right now with regards to winning a championship?

NHL experience?

What coaches would fit that bill and being willing to try to lead the 3rd ranked team in the country to the promise land?

What type of coach do the Cats need?

What type of team are the Cats going to be after the trade period?

What is going to be the team’s new identity under their new coach?

There’s no question, John Torchetti had the Cats playing a solid brand of hockey.

The Cats were very disciplined and accountable within his system.

That all changes with a new philosophy, a new direction, and a new voice.

What type of coach do the Moncton Wildcats need?

Obviously, a coach that is going to hold players accountable, motivate and create a unified culture of character and compete.

The Cats will likely have four to five new faces entering an already tight room.

How is the new coach going to grow a championship caliber culture with a new dynamic of players and personalities?

Whoever it is, they better be an effective communicator, great with X’s and O’s, structured with a defense first mentality.

The Wildcats can score and run and gun with the best of the them, but can they defend?

Can they play a tight defensive game?

Can they stay out of the penalty box?

The Wildcats need someone that is going to be able to relate to the new era of player and person and get them to buy in and accept their new roles.

Coaches like that certainly don’t grow on trees.

At the top of the list of familiarity and high profile would be none other than Ted Nolan.

Nolan has had tremendous success here in Moncton and is familiar with the city and culture around the organization.

If Nolan was considered that brings Danny Flynn’s name into this as well, nevertheless I can’t see Flynn leaving the NHL Scouting ranks at this time.

What about Dan Lacroix?

Would he be a good fit for the Wildcats?

Lacroix has tons of NHL experience as an Assistant and is very familiar with the city and organization as well. Nevertheless, Lacroix has very little to no experience as a Head Coach.

Is it maybe his time?

Is this the opportunity he’s been waiting for to lead the high-powered Cats to junior hockey supremacy?

Another front-runner that could possibly fit the Wildcats credentials would be former Ottawa Senators and Tampa Bay Lightning Head Coach Guy Boucher.

Boucher has a very solid and extensive coaching resume and obviously has experience in the QMJHL winning the President Cup with the Voltigueurs in 2008-2009.

With Boucher’s name in the mix, one would also assume Martin Raymond would also be along for the ride.

The Island Connection?

Anything is possible when considering hiring a coach especially one that hopes to raise a Memorial Cup.

Are the Wildcats looking at PEI for answers?

What about Dave Cameron?

It’s unlikely that Cameron would ever leave his current Coaching gig in Vienna, Austria with the Capitals.

Nevertheless, Cameron brings an outstanding playing and coaching resume to the table as well as familiarity. Cameron coaches Cats Asst. Coach Darryl Boyce for three seasons with the St. Michael’s Majory in the early 2000’s.

The hockey world is a very small world, so anything is possible. So let the speculation begin, but I can’t see Cameron leaving his post for a return to North America and the major junior ranks.

The next option in many ways could perhaps be the best option for the Cats.

Gordie Dwyer.

Resume and fit. What about NHL experience? He has it.

Do you want the job done or not?

Dwyer has coached in the KHL and the Swiss Elite League.

Two of best leagues outside the NHL.

Dwyer played in the NHL did a tremendous job in the QMJHL and has over a decade of professional coaching experience, a Team Canada staple, a Spengler Cup Champion.

That’s pretty high profile in my books.

Dwyer would be an excellent candidate to lead the Cats.

The Dalhousie, New Brunswick product’s international coaching experience and success coupled with his coaching philosophy and identity would be a potential ideal fit for the Wildcats at this time.

Are the Moncton Wildcats looking for the best resume or the best possible fit?

Time will tell.

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