The final week of New Brunswick high school football has officially arrived which makes me happy because these are going to be some really good football games, but also sad, because it really has been a fun season to cover. The 3 separate divisions have had a very positive effect on football in New Brunswick as it seemed to result in more competitive games. The only thing that was unfortunate this season was the ineligible players incident, but when you have a rule book, that stuff is going to happen. I think the NBIAA will sit down and review what has happened and make some changes that could make things better in the future. I really enjoyed covering NB high school once again for First Down Sports and I hope that you guys enjoyed the predictions as well. As always, I wanna thank my 3 analysts that take the time every week to make these articles easier for me to write. We do it to give back to a game that has given us so much. We appreciate all your feedback and we are already looking forward to next season! Here is the predictions for this season’s championship games!

Analyst Records

Pistol Pete: 65-18
Mister Freeze: 63-20
Coach Zen: 67-16

Division 1

Tantramar Titans @ Riverview Royals

This is a football game that has a ton of potential. These teams have met twice this season and produced close games. They met recently with the Royals falling short 23-14 and their other contest saw Tantramar win as well, but the ruling was reversed and the Royals were awarded a 3-0 victory. Both these games were extremely hard fought and this game has the potential to be another thriller. The Royals defence has been about the only team able to contain Tantramar’s offence, but the Titans have also been uplifted by the return of workhorse running back Oliver Longpre. He is a special running back that joins a core of already extremely solid running backs and this allows them to use them as receivers as well. The Royals are well coached however, and it will be interesting to see how they adjust to the dynamic running back in their lineup. The Royals have also been extremely solid on offence and have been able to put up some good numbers this season. They have a good mix in the run and the pass and are extremely good at keeping their opposition honest this season.

We know what the Titans are going to do come Saturday because they do it very well. They ground and pound and manage the clock so very well, and I do not expect anything different in this game as they have not had the need to change a game plan over the last 4 years or so. Riverview could surprise here, it comes down to one game. It is the Titans game to lose here in my opinion.

The Predictions

Pistol Pete: “35-14 Titans”
Mister Freeze: “Titans 35-0”
Coach Zen: “24-21 Royals”

Division 2

Ecole Sainte-Anne Castors @ Olympiens de L’Odyssee

The Division 2 championship game should be another close affair as we have two extremely good football teams clashing for the second time this season. Their first match up was won by L’Odyssee, who finished the season with a perfect 8-0 record. The Castors finished their season at 7-1 as their only loss of the season came to the hands of the Olympiens. This is a game that could be extremely close to call because both teams have so many good players on the field. If you break it down, the Castors have what many think are 2 of the 3 best players in the province with the Tremblay brothers. These are two national level players that even got the invite in the canadafootballchat.com game last season and have gained national level attention. L’Odyssee however have more dynamic playmakers on the field at once and more depth if you look at both rosters. The Olympiens have Caleb Fogarty, which gives them the edge in the run game, an extremely experienced Quarterback in Devin Niles and throw in their dangerous receiving corps and a solid defence.

The Castors are not too far away from L’Odyssee and like I said, have the 2 best players on the field. They also really challenged the Olympiens defense last time around and from what I saw, they are extremely good at causing pressure so this could really cause some issues for L’Odyssee. This one is too close to call for me personally but I give the Olympiens a slight edge here, not because I’m their Stat guy but because of their depth. Let’s see what the experts think.

Pistol Pete: “28-17 Olympiens”
Mister Freeze: “28-10 ODC”
Coach Zen: “28-21 Olympiens”

9-Man League (Division 3)

The surprise of this league has definitely been the play of the James M. Hill Memorial Tommies, as they upset the Rothesay Redhawks last week in the league’s Semi Final game. The Tommies come into this game as an underdog once again but that has been a role that they have really enjoyed this season and have been extremely good at. The Sonics have been at the top of the 9 man all season long as they have a perfect 8-0 record. These teams met once this season with the Sonics winning the contest by a score of 27-0.

The Sonics have got the job done this season as they have the top defence in the 9 man circuit. Its offence has also been extremely consistent finishing in 2nd place for points scored this season. The Tommies could really cause some issues for the Sonics if they can keep their offence off the field. If the Tommies can gain 3 to 4 yards a play and sustain long drives, they could really keep this game close. The Tommies have been good on both sides of the ball. If I would need to predict this one, I think Sussex is the better team in this match up and have more weapons to use. However, sometimes we see teams peaking at the right time and win it all, and the Tommies really took a big step forward last week shutting down the league’s best offence in Rothesay. It could be extremely close, or the Sonics could run away with this one. Give me the Sonics here.

The Predictions

James M. Hill Memorial Tommies @ Sussex Regional Sonics

Pistol Pete: “28-0 SONIC BOOM!”
Mister Freeze: “35-6 Sonics”
Coach Zen: “35-7 Sonics

It’s been fun everyone!


Your favorite Long snapper.


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