It’s playoff time in the New Brunswick high school football league division 2, which has been the most competitive. We are going to have some good games and the Quarter Final matchups should be very fun to watch come Friday. Les Olympiens de L’Odyssee come into the division 2 playoffs as the favourite, as they managed to finish the season undefeated with a perfect 7-0 record despite losing their starting Pivot for 3 weeks. They have depth at most positions and have established themselves as the team beat. They face a very good Kennebecassis Valley Crusaders team that played them tough a few weeks back. The Sainte-Anne Castors finished the season in 2nd place with a 6-1 record and will face the Oromocto Blues in their Quarter Final. The Castors would love another shot at the Olympiens as they handed them their only loss. This is a game that we may very well see down the stretch. In the other two Quarter Finals we have the St. Stephen Spartans heading to Saint John to face Travis Mckenzie’s Saint Malachy’s Memorial Saints, and the Harrison Trimble Trojans will face cross town rival Bernice McNaughton Highlanders in what should be a very fun contest to watch.

The 12-man division 1 is having their last week of regular season and has some good match-ups. The Tantramar Titans have officially been stripped of 3 of their victories as you have all heard because of the use of an illegal player (NBIAA rules). They came away with a big victory over the Riverview Royals this weekend by the score of 23-14 in a game that was much closer than most people thought. The other games saw the Fredericton High School Black Kats win a thriller over the Moncton High Purple knights 28-21 and the Saint John High School Greyhounds hammering the Leo Hayes Lions 54-6 in the week’s final contest. We have a three way tie currently for 3rd  place as all teams have a 3-3 record so this week’s game are going to have some serious playoff implications. We are going to have a lot of teams come out hungry as they will be aware that they will be fighting for their playoff berths, especially the seniors that realise that this may in fact be the last football game they ever play.

The 9-man division has a pair of games this weekend, as they will be making up for the games that were postponed because of hurricane Dorian. In last week’s action, the Sussex Sonics with a 37-0 victory over the Harbour View Vikings, James M. Hill beat the Hampton Huskies 43-26 and the Miramichi Valley Pulamoo got blanked by the Rothesay Redhawks 53-0.

Analyst Records

Pistol Pete: 51-17
Mister Freeze: 49-19
Coach Zen: 53-15

Division 1

Leo Hayes Lions @ Moncton High School Purple Knights

Pistol Pete: “28-14 Knights”
Mister Freeze: “35-10 Knights”
Coach Zen: “21-7 Knights”

Saint John Greyhounds @ Tantramar Titans

Pistol Pete: “28-7 Titans”
Mister Freeze: “28-7 Titans”
Coach Zen: “35-6 Titans”

Fredericton High School Black Kats @ Riverview Royals

Pistol Pete: “14-7 Royals”
Mister Freeze: “21-14 Royals”
Coach Zen: “28-7 Royals”

Division 2 (Quarter Finals)

Oromocto Blues @ Ecole Sainte-Anne Castors

Pistol Pete: “35-7 Castors”
Mister Freeze: “28-7 Castors”
Coach Zen: “42-7 Castors”

Bernice McNaughton Highlanders @ Harrison Trimble Trojans

Pistol Pete: “21-20 Trojans”
Mister Freeze: “14-7 Trojans”
Coach Zen: “28-24 Trojans”

Kennebecasis Valley Crusaders @ Olympiens de L’Odyssee

Pistol Pete: “28-14 L’Odyssee”
Mister Freeze: “35-14 ODC”
Coach Zen: “35-14 ODC”

St. Stephen Spartans @ St. Malachy’s Memorial Saints

Pistol Pete: “21-7 Saints”
Mister Freeze: “35-0 ST Macs”
Coach Zen: “21-7 ST Macs”

9-Man League

Hampton Huskies @ Sussex Regional Sonics

Pistol Pete: “49-0 Sonics”
Mister Freeze: “48-7 Sonics”
Coach Zen: “49-0 Sonics”

Harbour View Vikings @ Rothesay Redhawks

Pistol Pete: “42-7 Hawks”
Mister Freeze: “45-0 Redhawks”
Coach Zen: “49-7 Redhawks”

Its Playoff time people! Get out there!

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