Week 4 was by far the best one for our FDS analysts, as there were not many surprises. The teams that were expected to win came out victorious. The games that caused a bit of surprise came in the 9-man division where Harbour View got a big 64-38 victory over the Hampton Huskies on Saturday. The other 9-man games saw the Miramichi Valley Pulamoo fall 47-6 to the Sussex Sonics, and the Rothesay Redhawks cruising to a 28-6 victory over the James. M Hill Tommies.

Another result that raised a lot of eyebrows this weekend was the Riverview Royals putting up a good fight against the Tantramar Titans. The game finished 15-3 in favour of Tantramar however this is easily the toughest challenge the Titans have faced this season. Many people think that this could be a preview of this year’s championship Final, but there is plenty of football left to play. The Titans remain the team to beat in division 1 and I don’t see that changing for the rest of the season. The other division 1 games saw the Moncton High Purple Knights beat the Fredericton High Black Kats on the road by a score of 28-11. The Knights have yet to play at home this season and have been impressive on the road. This is always a team that becomes stronger as the season goes on. The Saint John High Greyhounds took care of business Friday night in Fredericton, beating the Leo Hayes Lions 38-6.

Division 2 had no real surprises as Ecole Sainte-Anne and L’Odyssee both moved to 4-0 on Friday night. The Castors beat the Oromocto Blues 44-3 and L’Odyssee battled to get a tough victory over the Kennebecasis Valley Crusaders. The Olympiens were once again without starting pivot Devin Niles, which has sparked my facebook inbox with messages as people are starting to think the injury he suffered against Bernice McNaughton was more serious than initially thought. The word from the L’Odyssee coaching staff is that Niles has been rested for precautionary reasons as the Olympiens get ready to face Ecole Sainte-Anne this weekend in a battle of undefeated teams. This should be a great game to watch. In other action, Harrison Trimble continued to impress with a 36-0 victory over St. Stephen, the Saint Malachy’s Memorial Saints handed the Simonds Seabees a 41-0 loss, and Bernice McNaughton beat the Mathieu Martin Matadors 25-6.

It’s now time to have a look at what our analyst think will happen in week 5, as they all had a strong week 4.

Analyst Records

Pistol Pete: 26-11
Mister Freeze: 28-9
Coach Zen: 26-11

Division 1

Leo Hayes Lions @ Tantramar Titans

Pistol Pete: “28-0 Titans”
Mister Freeze: “21-0 Titans”
Coach Zen: “Titans 28-0”

Moncton High Purple Knights @ Riverview Royals

Pistol Pete: “Royals 21-14”
Mister Freeze: “Knights 22-21”
Coach Zen: “28-24 Knights”

Fredericton High Black Kats @ Saint John Greyhounds

Pistol Pete: “28-7 Hounds”
Mister Freeze: “28-7 Hounds”
Coach Zen: “Greyhounds 35-6”

Division 2

Oromocto Blues @ Matadors de Mathieu-Martin

Pistol Pete: “28-14 Blues”
Mister Freeze: “21-7 Blues”
Coach Zen: “28-10 Blues”

Olympiens de L’Odyssee @ Ecole Sainte-Anne Castors

Pistol Pete: “31-30 Olympiens”
Mister Freeze: “21-21 TIE”
Coach Zen: “35-31 Castors”

St. Stephen Spartans @ Kennebecasis Valley Crusaders

Pistol Pete: “28-7 Crusaders”
Mister Freeze: “21-14 Crusaders”
Coach Zen: “24-10 Crusaders”

St. Malachy’s Memorial Saints @ Harrison Trimble Trojans

Pistol Pete: “28-24 Saints”
Mister Freeze: “14-7 Trojans”
Coach Zen: “14-13 Trojans”

Simonds Seabees @ Bernice McNaughton Highlanders

Pistol Pete: “42-0 Highlanders”
Mister Freeze: “35-0 Highlanders”
Coach Zen: “35-0 Highlanders”

9-Man League

Miramichi Valley Pulamoo @ Harbour View Vikings

Pistol Pete: “14-13 Vikings”
Mister Freeze: “21-14 Pulamoo”
Coach Zen: “28-24 Vikings”

James M. Hill Tommies @ Sussex Regional Sonics

Pistol Pete: “35-21 SONIC BOOM!”
Mister Freeze: “28-21 Tommies”
Coach Zen: “27-14 Sonics”

Hampton Huskies @ Rothesay Redhawks

Pistol Pete: “51-21 Hawks”
Mister Freeze: “24-14 hawks”
Coach Zen: “35-7 Redhawks”

Get out to a game in your area folks! Support the Kids! That’s what it’s all about!

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