Week 3 was another great one for New Brunswick high school football fans and was a great to watch as well. Football is currently on the rise in New Brunswick and the level of play that is being displayed across the province is at a higher level than we have seen in previous years. This is of course my opinion, and some may not share the same view but teams seem to be passing the ball more, and getting away from the old school I formation brand of football that we have seen in the past. We are getting more open concept playbooks, and really seeing athletes develop into better football players. The NBIAA has done great this season with the introduction of the 3 separate divisions of football, and Football NB has done great with the current Canada Cup program that is constantly getting better, and competing more at the national championships every year. The results are getting better, and so is our local talent and that is something that everyone involved can give themselves a pat on the back for.

Division 1 saw the Tantramar Titans continue to stay on top of their mountain with a convincing 35-7 road victory over the Fredericton High School Black Kats. This team has lost important players, but has showed no signs of getting any worse. They are once again, the heavy favourites. The other games saw the Riverview Royals getting an important victory over the Leo Hayes Lions by the score of 30-6, and the Saint John Greyhounds falling to the Moncton High Purple Knights 29-22 in a very close fought football game.

Division 2 saw the Ecole Sainte-Anne Castors and the L’Odyssee Olympiens stay undefeated as both move to 3-0. The Tremblay brothers combined for 4 total touchdowns in a 48-0 win over the Simonds Seabees. L’Odyssee was once again without starting pivot Devin Niles as he was rested to help get over an injury sustained in week 2. Receiver turned Quarterback Samuel Leblanc, took care of business against a very tough Harrison Trimble defencee as he rushed for 1 touchdown and threw for 2 more. Other games saw the Bernice McNaughton Highlanders blank the Oromocto Blues 35-0, the KVHS Crusaders topping the Mathieu-Martin Matadors 25-6, and St. Malachy’s Memorial Saints beating the St. Stephen Spartans 35-20. It was difficult to find many stats in the game this weekend as all of the games were played away from Moncton.

Division 3 saw both Miramichi based teams emerge victorious (wooooooooo! – Editor AJ) as we saw the James. M Hill Tommies beat the Harbour View Vikings 8-0, and the Miramichi Valley Pulamoo waking up in a big way after being down 14-0, to take down the Hampton Huskies 48-26 in a very offensive battle. The other game saw the Sussex Sonics beat the Rothesay Redhawks by a score of 24-7.

Now let’s have a look at how the 3 FDS sports high School Football analyst did this week in their predictions.

Analyst Records

Pistol Pete: 16-10
Mister Freeze: 20-6
Coach Zen: 17-9

Division 1

Riverview Royals @ Tantramar Titans

Pistol Pete: “21-7 Titans”
Mister Freeze: “28-10 Titans”
Coach Zen: “28-14 Titans”

Moncton High Purple Knights @ Fredericton High Black Kats

Pistol Pete: “21-7 Knights”
Mister Freeze: “28-7 Knights”
Coach Zen: “24-7Knights”

Saint John Greyhounds @ Leo Hayes Lions

Pistol Pete: “21-20 Hounds”
Mister Freeze: “21-14 Hounds”
Coach Zen: “35-14 Greyhounds”

Division 2

Bernice McNaughton Highlanders @ Matadors de Mathieu-Martin

Pistol Pete: “35-14 Highlanders”
Mister Freeze: “35-7 Highlanders”
Coach Zen: “35-7 BMHS”

Kennebecasis Valley Crusaders @ Olympiens de L’Odyssee

Pistol Pete: “31 7 Olympiens”
Mister Freeze: “28-10 ODC”
Coach Zen: “35-10 Olympiens”

St. Stephen Spartans @ Harrison Trimble Trojans

Pistol Pete: “28-7 Trojans”
Mister Freeze: “21-14 Trojans”
Coach Zen: “21-7 Trojans”

St. Malachy’s Memorial Saints @ Simonds Seabees

Pistol Pete: “28-7 Saints”
Mister Freeze: “21-0 ST Macs”
Coach Zen: “21-6 ST Macs”

Ecole Sainte-Anne Castors @ Oromocto Blues

Pistol Pete: “42-0 Castors”
Mister Freeze: “35-14 Castors”
Coach Zen: “35-0 Castors”

9-Man League

Harbour View Vikings @ Hampton Huskies

Pistol Pete: “14-0 Huskies”
Mister Freeze: “21-7 Huskies”
Coach Zen: “17-6 Huskies”

Sussex Regional Sonics @ Miramichi Valley Pulamoo

Pistol Pete: “10-7 Sonics”
Mister Freeze: “21-17 Miramichi”
Coach Zen: “24-13 Sonics”

Rothesay Redhawks @ James M. Hill Tommies

Pistol Pete: “21-14 Hawks”
Mister Freeze: “14-7 Tommies”
Coach Zen: “21-20 Tommies”

Get out to a game in your area folks! Support the Kids!

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