power ranks after week 15

Wray’s Quick Take

What an unbelievable week in the CFL! last week I called Winnipeg vs Montreal the Grey Cup preview and I sure hope that happens, as these two teams put on a great show. I have to make some changes to the top of my PRs with the Calgary and Hamilton wins, and I have bumped BC up another spot with theirs. Saskatchewan and Montreal… I just couldn’t make the decision on where to put them so after a tie on multiple coin flips I put them both at the 4th spot!

Andy’s Quick Take

Calgary remains at the top regardless of who they beat, while Hamilton climbs a spot for the same reason. Winnipeg lost a heart breaker to Montreal but I couldn’t justify dropping them further than 3. After that… things remain the same. As much as I would have liked to bump Montreal for that victory over the Bombers, I could not drop the Riders a spot on their bye to do it. Also, beating the lowly Red Blacks is no more impressive than hanging in there with Calgary, so BC stays exactly where they were.

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