Here are our CFL Power Rankings following week 10 brought to you by Moose Light and Doyle Corporate Image!

power ranks week after week 10
Wray’s Quick Take

Winnipeg remains number 1 still but I will be paying close attention to the Nichols situation for the next few weeks. Calgary slips a spot after a tough loss to Montreal. I have decided to move Hamilton into my top 4 after their win against Ottawa. It wasn’t pretty, but it was a W… Montreal also leaps a spot with the W, so I guess this week is all about the W… As it always should be!!!

Andy’s Quick Take

I am going to wait a game before I fully react to the Bombers losing Nichols, the same way I did with Masoli in Hamilton. Speaking of reacting to the Ti-Cats… once I finally did, I went overboard. Time to show them the respect they deserve and put them back to where they were before they lost the reigning MOP. I don’t believe Evans is a Grey Cup QB, but I’ve been too harsh. The Riders drop a spot on their bye week to make room, and the Stamps drop 2 spots after losing in OT to Montreal at home. They didn’t deserve such a harsh fall but there are only 9 spots in the CFL Power Rankings!

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