Here’s our CFL Power Rankings following week 8 brought to you by Moose Light and Doyle Corporate Image!

power ranks week 8
Wray’s Quick Take

Thanks to the Let’s Talk CFL group for the help with my rankings this week. Never have I had such a tough time with the 1st overall slot! I personally had a tough time watching what I considered to be very poor play for a pro League in week 8. I always love your feedback but this week if you don’t like my rankings I have two words for you Terri Pitzel! Oh and thanks for letting me copy and paste!

Andy’s Quick Take

This week was all about figuring out what would be the appropriate punishment for losing… I hate to put Calgary at the top this week but nobody else makes sense. Losing to what was the joke of the league required more than a one spot drop as far as I’m concerned so the Riders and their 3 game win streak get the nod above the Bombers. The Ti-Cats and Evans really held in there on the road against Saskatchewan so the fifth spot is as far as I will drop them considering they played without their best player. Montreal would have beaten Ottawa had Adams not gotten injured (in my opinion) but they should have pulled it out anyways, so they get a big drop. Not big enough to fall below Ottawa though. Toronto climbs out of the basement for their huge win over the fizzling Bombers, putting BC where we’ve been wanting to put them for weeks.


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