Here’s our CFL Power Rankings following week 7 brought to you by Moose Light and Doyle Corporate Image!

power ranks week 7
Wray’s Quick Take

WOW what a weekend for Power Rankings! After Hamilton knocked off Winnipeg they were going to be in my #1 spot, and then the news broke that Masoli is gone for the season… THAT = 7th. Now I know Ti-Cats fans will go through the roof with this, but Evans was not impressive with 13/25 and 94 Yards with an Interception. Trevor Harris bounced back against the Argos as he should have, and moved them back to #2. Montreal stays in the same spot after their bye week although the Eastern Conference may run through Montreal now… CRAZY. BC really deserves 9th place but I just couldn’t pull that trigger this week!!!

Andy’s Quick Take

Not a single team moves this week in my power rankings. Hamilton would have been in my top spot this week but with the crushing news of Masoli’s season being over, I am simply leaving them at 2. The fact that they pulled that game out against the best team in the league given the circumstances was incredibly impressive, and they deserve a full game and a week of preparing with the kid at QB before reacting too much.  Montreal stays at 3 because though Edmonton, Calgary, and the Riders all won, they beat GARBAGE teams. Yes that includes Ottawa… beating them by 1 with the help of a bonehead coaching call is nothing to write home about Stamps fans.

One comment

  1. Wray and Andy — miles apart can’t both be right! Andy has Hamilton and Montreal perhaps too high. Wray has Hamilton and Ottawa in the wrong places. BUT, this crazy season with all the player changes and coaching changes plus injured quarterbacks — you’re dreaming if you think every week won’t change again. Nicely done for the most part, until next week.

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