Here’s our CFL Power Rankings following week 6 brought to you by Moose Light and Doyle Corporate Image!


Wray’s Quick Take

What a tough week for Power Rankings!!! There was no question about #1, but from there it’s a complete %$^#$ Show… I’m loving the Alouettes and they could easily slide up to #2 with wins over Hamilton and now Edmonton. Speaking of the Eskimos, they need to fall this week as this is the second game of the season that I have seen Harris really struggle. Now should they go from 2nd to 5th? Probably not… but Calgary did win this week and even though it was against Toronto, it’s a W… Hamilton ends up being my #2 by default, and just to be clear I am not sure they will be here long term. This team does not impress me much week to week. The bottom 4 teams were straight forward,  and anyone that thinks the Roughriders should be higher is sadly mistaken as of Week 6. I am not sure if I like my rankings this week, and look forward to seeing Andy’s list!!

Andy’s Quick Take

My rule is typically that you cannot gain a spot in my rankings on your bye week. Well what is even crazier than that??? How about losing a spot the week you win? Well both those things happened this week and I am not sure how to explain it in a way that would make anyone happy. The bottom line is, the teams are slotted this week in the order of how good I think they are right now. Yes, I am THAT impressed with Montreal that they caused this kind of chaos in the top 5… The bottom 4 is obvious. Calgary dropping a spot when they won a game is sketchy I agree… but I’m sorry. They defeated a dumpster fire and Edmonton is a better team, that got beat by a red hot machine.

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