Here are this weeks CFL Power Rankings brought to you by Moosehead Light and Doyle Corporate Image!

cfl power ranks week 3
Wray’s Quick Take

Winnipeg maintains first overall with their win over Trevor Harris and Eskimos. Ottawa maintains their spot in my rankings due to the fact they were on a Bye week. Oh Hamilton… you could be #2 on my rankings but I remember watching you just getting by the Roughriders in Week 1, and then you beat up on Montreal and Toronto which the other strong teams will as well. I am not sure you deserve to be in front of Edmonton at this point as they have played stronger competition. Riders and Stampeders both move up with their wins in week 3 and the if CFL were still on my power rankings this week they would be back at 10 for the poor choice of game time for the Monday game. Toronto is a mess and changes need to happen quick. Montreal I have two words for you….Hugo Richard!!!

Andy’s Quick Take

Very little movement in my rankings this week. The 3-0 Hamilton Tiger Cats get the spot above Edmonton and otherwise I cannot justify any other shuffling in my mind. Calgary came back to beat the most 1 dimensional team in the league, and the Riders took out a team that has scored only 21 points on the season. Neither of those justifies a move up above Ottawa. Arbuckle was impressive for the Stampeders in relief of Mitchell, but the BC defence did not plan to see him. If I knew Bo was going to be out for any amount of time I would probably move the Riders up to 5 in advance.

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