cfl power ranks week 2

Wray’s Quick Take

The CFL gets last spot this week due to 3 teams being on a bye week in Week 2!!! No change at the top, but made up for my error in week 1 by moving Montreal up and Calgary down. Saskatchewan also moves up this week with the poor offensive play of the Lions. As great as it was to see over 16,000 at BMO Field, the team didn’t show up unfortunately, dropping the Argos to the bottom.

Andy’s Quick Take

Not a lot of movement in my ranks this week.  First off, Wray decided he wanted to add a 10th spot to take a dig at the CFL, so I took the opportunity to shout out the team that is going to fix the problem for him!  The Riders and Lions swap places in what was a very difficult decision for me. I was very impressed with Fajardo’s outing but the Riders defence giving up that many points to the RedBlacks made making this move a real struggle. In the end, I am more optimistic about the Riders right now… by a hair.

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