CFL Power Rankings Week 1

Wray’s Quick Take

Winnipeg is my top team after week 1. Nichols looked good throwing for 3 TD’s and Harris is looking very strong again. BC is setting up Mike Reilly face the same challenges as in 2018, putting everything on his shoulders vs. providing some assistance with a running game. Edmonton gets my 2nd spot with an outstanding performance by Trevor Harris with 447 yards and 3 TDs. Ottawa is 3rd overall walking into the Grey Cup champions’ home throwing 4 Interceptions, and still walking out with a win… How is Calgary not number 9 on my list??

Andy’s Quick Take

My list is very similar to Wray’s after week 1, so I will simply explain the spots where we disagreed. I cannot imagine a 0-4 TD/INT ratio is going to get it done very often, which makes the outcome of the Ottawa versus Calgary game even more shocking. That said, the performance did not inspire enough confidence in me to put Ottawa ahead of Hamilton. The only other spot of contention was last place. I was impressed with Montreal’s showing, especially with the shuffling they had to do at QB. Until I actually see Toronto on the field, they remain at the bottom.

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