I will never forget that conversation. 

I will never forget her positive energy and outlook on life.

I will never forget her never-ending support throughout my coaching career. 

She was always in my corner, always had my back.  I will never forget her. 

As we stood isolated in the corner of the cold rink watching the game, we both reflected on our journey in life and in the game. 

We saw our reflections in the glass, we shared our fondest memories of her children and her father. 

Over the years her father had touched my life and taught me a lot about the coaching game. He was always in my corner, he always had my back, he was always there for me. 

If I needed something I could always count on him, he always put others first, just like her.  

My coaching days were all but over when we had that memorable conversation.  

Nevertheless, I was still hanging on to that aspect of the game, not wanting to let go and in some ways going to the rink to watch made me understand and realize that I still missed it, but it was bringing me some sort of closure. 

At that point my path in the game was ever changing and diversifying. 

Things happen for a reason, and in that moment, I knew just how impactful that conversation would be come. 

The years have raced by since our chance encounter that night, but I will carry that conversation with me forever.

She spoke so passionately about her children, their journey in life and sports, and all the ups and downs. 

I can’t put into words the love she felt for her children.  

In that moment her description of their childhood were as vivid as the game in front of us. 

With every word, she painted a picture of their lives.

In that moment I could have listened to her forever. Nevertheless, as always the focus shifted to me. 

In that conversation she brought clarity to the complexities of my current path. 

In the dark moments of self-doubt; she was a ray of light. 

She knew exactly what needed to be said, she knew how to say it, her message was thought-provoking, touching and poignant.  

Her words of encouragement were up lifting. 

You see at the end of any conversation with her, you were always inspired, motivated and energized.

Dina Sherwood had a special gift, one that I will never forget. Today would have been her birthday.

I will never forget that conversation. 

I will carry it with me forever. 

I miss our conversations.


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