9 Questions with #92: The Heart and Soul of the Moncton Wildcats, Jacob Hudson

Jacob Hudson is coming off a career year with the Moncton Wildcats.

The gritty two-way center had 35 points in 59 regular season games and added 4 points in 10 playoff games. 

Hudson is coming into his own in the QMJHL and is arguably one of the best two-way centers in the league. The Antigonish, Nova Scotia product is undoubtedly a fan favourite and the heart and soul of the Cats lineup. 

Hudson is gearing up for his third full season in the “Q” and is confident he can have another impactful year. 

Here’s 9 questions with #92

CE: In your opinion, how did you grow as a player this season? 

JH: “I believe I grew in all aspects of the game, playing in different situations throughout the year helped me become an all around better hockey player.” 

CE: How difficult was the coaching change and what adjustments did Torch make on your game?

JH:Personally the coaching change wasn’t difficult.” 

 “Yes it was a big change for myself and our group, but I wouldn’t say difficult. Darren was a great coach and I wish him the best on his future.”

“Since Torch came I believe we were very structured and paid closer attention to the details. Torch is a great coach to have around as he knows the game very well.” 

CE: You played in the Top 6 with Khovanov for awhile and then back with Seitz and Pataki, Discuss Brady and Dylan and the impact they had on your career and how hard is it going to be to see them leave the team?

JH: “All players I’ve played with contributed to the team and myself throughout the year. Without their help I wouldn’t have had the season that I had.”

 “It was a pleasure playing with Patty and Seitzy. It all started in playoffs last year against Rimouski where we clicked and contributed to our team in both ends of the ice.” 

“Starting the year playing with Khovy really showed me the offensive part of the game. His skill on the ice is going to take him far in hockey.” 

“Finishing the year with Seitz and Pataki was great.” 

“They both really know how to win hockey games and be reliable in all aspects of the game. For Patty I wish him the best of like in his future in University hockey, he’s a great hockey player and better friend. For Seitzy, I can’t wait to see him at camp.”

CE: Discuss the injury and how that effected your progression as a player

JH: I’m guessing you mean my facial injury, honesty I believe I was pretty lucky.” 

“I could have gotten many teeth knocked out or have had a shattered orbital bone. I truly believe I got hit in the face in the perfect spot.”

 “I only missed one game which wasn’t much, but the only tough part was getting used to the full shield. I was very lucky that I was back the next week to keep moving forward with the team.” 

CE:What are you going to work on this off-season?

JH:“I’m going to work on my skating and getting faster.”

 “I believe I’m a pretty good skater, but there’s always room for improvement. Being quick on my feet will help me with puck races and quick battles. I also want to work on my shot accuracy. I think I have a good shot, but I need to find the net more during the season. Lastly I want to get overall stronger.” 

CE: What are your goals for next season? 

JH:“To be honest, I haven’t set out any goals yet. When the season comes around I’ll have set goals that I’ll look to break, but for right now, I’m just looking to improve my game and be ready for the season to start.” 

CE: What changes are going to make in your off-season training program?

JH:“No big changes, just going to keep pushing myself and work on lots of foot and speed drills, that’s what I have to do to keep going in the league.” 

CE: Do you believe you can be more offensive next season, if so can you be a 20 goal scorer? 

JH: “Yes I do believe I can be.” 

“ I want to be able to help my team in all aspects of the game especially the offensive part of the game.”


CE: In your opinion can the Wildcats compete for a championship next season?


JH: Yes, I believe we will have a good team that could compete with any team in the league.” 

“Torch runs a tight core group and I strongly believe he could lead us to be a championship team.”

There’s no question that the Moncton Wildcats have championship aspirations for the up coming season.  Hudson, a former TELUS Cup Champion is a proven winner and is relentless in his pursuit in becoming the best player he can be in hopes of one day hoisting a President Cup. 

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